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By Hervé St.Louis
March 15, 2005 - 10:03


Zatanna first appeared in Hawkman #4 Volume One cover dated October-November 1964. In her first appearances, she asked Hawkman, Green Lantern, the Elongated Man and other heroes to help her find her father. Daughter of the Golden Age hero Zatara, she is also the daughter of Sindella, a Homo Magi, the other type of human on Earth. An acclaimed stage magician, she joined the Justice League and other mystical groups often.


This figure is based mostly on the early appearances of Zatanna in the Silver Age. In those days, Zatanna was not a petite woman with anorexic complexities as Micheal Turner draws her. She was chunky and had bid cheeks. Although chunky, she was still sexy.


The sculpt is impressive, although this figure has never been a fan favourite. Created by Tim Bruckner, she has the same lively face other figures by the sculptor sports. A preposed figure, she her pose is feminine and gracious. It's as if she were about to perform a magic trick. One of the coolest features of this figure, which differ from the advertised pictures, are the real fishnet stockings covering her legs.


The paint application, besides the figure's head is basic. There are no highlights. There is subtle blush on Zatanna's cheeks. A darker blue or black would have looked better than the navy blue used for her suit. Blueish higlights in he hair would have livened them up. The white of her shirt is thick. DCDirect should have added some shine everywhere, as she is a stage performer with glitzy colours.


Zatanna's scale is based on that of the early DCDirect action figures. She is shorter than most male figures, such as the Silver Age versions of Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash and Superman. Yet she looks great next to the Silver Age Black Canary, the Elongated Man, the Phantom Stranger and the Silver Age Wonder Woman. Next to Lois Lane, she looks much too big.


Without her action figure stand, it is very difficulty to make Zatanna stand on her own. Fortunately, the her action figure stand was designed with customized pegs that will fit only with Zatanna. In about five years, I can say that it still hold well, even though the weight distribution and aloof preposed legs suggest that the figure will fall at any moment.


Zatanna has nine articulations, two which are locked. Her hips should not be moved, because it could loosen the fishnet stockings attached to the figure's legs. Moreover, it will screw the balanced achieved and the alignment of the figure's feet on the action figure stand's custom pegs. Zatanna's head turns right and left. She has shoulder, elbows and wrists articulations.


Zatanna consist of the same plastic early DCDirect figures were made of. It is sturdy, stinks a lot, but the figures resist better in warm weather.


Zatanna's action figure stand has an inscription with her name and the tag line "Mistress of Magic." Although similar to the action figure stand that came with the Phantom Lady, the pegs are uniquely attuned to customized peg holes in Zatanna's feet.


Zatanna came on a bubble card with front cover pictures of other figures from the Mystics, Mage and Magician wave, such as Dr Fate, the Spectre and John Constantine. The artwork still features the painted on fishnet stockings of the advertised promotional pictures.


Zatanna can cost anywhere from $11 to $25. As a peg warmer, stores may even offer better deals. Auction sites may have better deals. Check the back figure bin of stores to find good deals, if you really want this figure.


Perhaps the announcement of the Identity Crisis, George Perez inspired costume rendered by Mike Turner will create some demand for this exquisite figure. Too many times, it has received negative criticisms and being dismissed by fans of the characters who wanted the Bronze Age Justice League of America version of the figure instead. This figure has the same charms as the Teen Titans's Raven, but less of the acclaimed recognition. I think it's a mistake.

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