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NBM Month

By Patrick Bérubé
June 24, 2010 - 00:59

Hi everyone and welcome to NBM Month. This is our first themed month in almost two years and we are very glad to present reviews, interviews and spotlights about a comic book publisher that has been around since 1974. Speaking of which, there was not much debate when we had to choose between which publisher would be the centerpiece of our event. Simply put, some of us are avid readers of whatever NBM publishes. From their kid-friendly comics to their erotic imprints and from the American new talents to the European masters there is a diversity in what is available that is just incredible. We also felt that considering the quality of all the comic books they publish, they don’t get enough attention in the direct market and we hope to make you discover some gems in the coming weeks. Below you will find links to every NBM articles previously published by us and check back often because we will update this list every time a new article about MBM is posted online until June 30. Enjoy!

NBM Month articles:

It's NBM Month at the Comic Book Bin

Little Nothings vol. 1: Curse of the Umbrella

Miss don't touch me

Lewis Trondheim's Mister I

Coming of age at NBM (Angel Skin and House of Clay)

Dungeon Twilight vol. 3: The New Centurions

Boneyard vol. 2

The Purple Smurf

Lewis Trondheim vol.2: The Prisoner Syndrome

Noctural Conspiracies

Boneyard Vol. 3

Keep An Eye on Jesse Lonergan

Interview with Terry Nantier- Publisher and Founder of NBM

Li'l Santa

Why I killed Peter

Boneyard Vol. 4

Bringing Up Father

The Lindbergh Child

Little Nothings vol.3: Uneasy Happiness

Boneyard vol.5


Previously published articles:

European comics you should read

Donjon: A guide to Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar epic series

Dungeon Monstres vol.1: The Crying Giant

Dungeon vol. 1: Duck Heart

Dungeon vol.2: The Barbarian Princess

Dungeon Twilight vol. 1: Dragon Cemetary

Dungeon Twilight vol.2 Armageddon

Little Nothings: Curse of the Umbrella

Bluesman vol.3

A treasury of Victorian Murder: The Case of Madeleine Smith

War Fix

Songs of Our Ancestors Vol. 3: Tree of Love

Lucifer’s Garden of Verses Vol. 3: The Student


Kafka - Give It Up! And Other Short Stories

The Fallen: Cold Religion


North Country

Cryptozoo Crew Vol. 1

Zorro #1 Scars!

Zorro #2

Boneyard vol. 4

Boneyard vol.3

Boneyard vol. 1

The devil on Fever Street

Zorro #1

Nancy Drew Vol 1: The Demon of River Heights

A Treasury of Victorian Murder: The Murder of Abraham Lincoln

The Hardy Boys Vol #1 - The Ocean of Osyria

Ordinary Victories

Wake Vol. 6-7 Artifice/Maximum Insecurity

Silk Tapestry And Other Chinese Folktales: Songs of Our Ancestors Volume II

Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle

Generalissimo El Busho: Essays & Cartoons on The Bush Years

The adapted Victor Hugo

How Loathsome

Interview with Terry Nantier - Publisher of NBM Publishing

The fairy tales of Oscar Wilde vol.4

The Bristol Board Jungle: A Review

Tales From The Bristol Board Jungle!

Astronauts of the Future

Isaac the pirate vol.2

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