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Power Girl

By Hervé St-Louis
May 11, 2004 - 14:48

Although a copy of a derivative Superman character. Power Girl has gained the adoration of several comic book fans because of her personality and body. Power Girl is best known for her sassy and direct approach to problem solving and her large breasts. As the first Power Girl action figure ever made, the figure captures very well the uniqueness of the former cousin of the Earth Two Superman.


Power Girl is a strong woman. This figure represents this very well. While not the tallest female figure from the DC Direct line, she's one of the larger one. Since Power Girl now sports her classic costume, the figure fits perfectly. Some details such as the opening of her shirt near her breasts and her belt varies from artists to artists. Her hair cut also changes with the time.


Her sculptor gave her a retro bobbed hair cut that covers much of her head but a short and sweet face. Her breasts are of course very large. Power Girl is very sexy. Her legs are lean but thick. Her hips and butt are smooth and plump. This really is Power Girl from the comic books. Her arms stand apart as if she were about to confront an opponent confidently. They glued her cape to her back although we could remove it.


Except some small bleeds in her boots, the paint application is clean. The figure would have looked better if her hair had highlights. It's all yellow with no variation. Her golden belt buckle may fade with time.


Power Girl towers most female DC Direct action figures although she's about the same size as the JLA Wonder Woman. Next to friends like the Birds of Prey Black Canary, the Huntress and Oracle, she will look very large, but it works very well. She's not supposed to be a petite woman like them. Next to her, the Modern Supergirl, looks like a sidekick. Power Girl looks good with JSA and most JLA figures.


Stability is often an issue with this figure. Her high heels and twisted right ankle makes it difficult to pose her properly. Power Girl can stand on her own, but she is not the most stable figure. She will fall easily anytime the shelf, table or desk she stands are hit. There is but one peg hole in her left foot. That's not sufficient.


Power Girl has seven articulations at the neck, the biceps, the elbows and the hips. For many that's not enough. The biceps's articulations are useful when posing her in a flying position. Her hip articulations are a v-shaped. Her legs only rotate vertically. It's only use is to adjust the figure when posing her. Because there is a slant on the cut of her neck, turning Power Girl's head left and right makes her look awkward.


Power Girl consists of the standard stock found on older DC Direct action figures. It's easily recognizable by its stench in the summer and when the figures are recently freed from their packages. It's solid enough.


Power Girl comes in a blister pack. Wildcat is featured on the card and the back cover as DCDirect released him in the same wave.


As with all DC Direct figures, the price ranges from the 11 to 25 dollars depending on the retailer. DC Direct doesn't suggest any price for any of its action figures.


If this figure hasn't sold out from Diamond and DC Direct, there probably isn't much available in stores. If you want one and find on, buy it on the spot. This is not the type of figure that will get multiple releases from DC Direct. Only over stock like the Hard Travelling Heroes and very7 popular figures like Alan Scott and Superman and the JLA ever gets released another time.

Update February 6 2005:

This figure has sold out from Diamond Comics, the exclusive distributor of this action figure.

Update October 14 2006:

On September 2006, DC Direct released a new Infinite Crisis Power Girl action figure.

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