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Power Girl #3

By Andy Frisk
July 22, 2009 - 19:10

As smart as The Ultra Humanite might be, he made one big mistake. Well, it’s more of an oversight than a mistake. All Kryptonians have several super powers including: invulnerability, flight, super strength, heat vision, and the one The Humanite overlooked, freezing breath. With the help of her “not the most glamorous superpower…,” Power Girl escapes from the gravity restraint machine The Humanite had her trapped in. They immediately get right back to knocking the snot out of each other until Power Girl tosses The Humanite into part of the ship’s power source, or fuel cells, or whatever, and he gets burnt severely, literally almost to death. Oops. After promising him medical care, smashing a few more of his robots, acquiring the help of Terra to get Manhattan back on the ground, striking a few poses (unintentionally, of course), and stopping to enjoy the victory by perching on a ledge of The Brooklyn Bridge, Power Girl completely forgets about The Humanite’s massive ship that is now plunging to the ground, and will most likely destroy the city that she and Terra just saved. Oops…again.



The theme of beauty and the beast, twisted into the beast who wants to become the beauty, or at least posses her body, has shared the stage in Power Girl thus far with the minor theme of establishing Power Girl as more than just a character who looks like a dumb blonde babe, but as superhero who is smart and capable. After all, Alan Scott (The Original Green Lantern) and Jay Garrick (The Original Flash), two of the longest tenured and experienced members of the Justice Society of America, didn’t hand the chairmanship of the JSA to Power Girl just so they would get to stare at her bodacious bod while she stood up and chaired the JSA meetings, or did they? Granted, no body’s perfect, but "Peej" (as Terra chummily calls her, shortening her name to its initials, then shortening the initials to a slurred word) makes two big boo-boos this issue. Both of which are overcome, but one in particular could come back to haunt her.


First off, after all the fighting with The Ultra Humanite she just went through on his ship, how in the world could she just forget about that ship? This is the ship that is now unmanned, and dangling in the air above Manhattan. Did she think it was just going to float away like a balloon or something? Secondly, yes, The Humanite is a serious bad guy. He killed at least 70 people according to news reports, and nearly killed "Peej" herself, but she pretty recklessly throws him around nearly killing him. Worse than actually killing him though, she accidentally burns him to a crisp. I get the feeling that she’s made a new arch-enemy. She really didn’t have one anyway, as far as I can remember, except maybe the Psycho-Pirate, so as far as the storytelling goes, her acquisition of an arch-enemy will provide plenty of potential story plots in the future. It’s kind of fitting that The Ultra-Humanite might turn out to be her biggest enemy now. Both are opposites in many ways, but share at least one striking similarity. They’re both absent-minded.


Amanda Conner is quickly becoming a rival to Amy Reeder Hadley as my all time favorite female sequential artist. I simply can’t take my eyes off of her Power Girl art. Anatomy, costumes, background, anatomy, robots, architecture, sci-fi gadgetry, and anatomy (get the point?) are all drawn very well by Conner. I completely forgot that she was the artist on JSA Classified #1 through #4, which were responsible for "Peej’s" resurgent popularity. I’m going to dig them out of my stored long boxes of comics and give them another look.


Power Girl is a great, silly, surprisingly deeper themed than you’d expect, and action packed work with some of the best artwork this side of Hadley’s run on Madame Xanadu. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Rating: 8.5 /10

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