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Review: Superman #4 (2016)


By Andy Frisk
August 8, 2016 - 21:43

How awesome is it that DC Comics finally decided to give its legions of Superman fans THEIR Superman back with DC Comics Rebirth? How awesome is it that not only are Clark and Lois together (this version of the two were technically never apart), but that they have a young son who is developing his own Kyrptonian superpowers? How awesome is it that it really looks like there is a new character worthy of the Superboy moniker? More than this life long Superman fan can express. Once again, Tomasi and Gleason deliver with this milestone 4th issue of the new Superman bi-monthly series.


What's Happening: Superman continues to battle The Eradicator and the battle isn't an easy one. With the help of his young son though, Clark/Superman turns the tide of the battle. Are we witnessing the birth of a new Superboy? It certainly looks like it. This version of The Eradicator is somewhat different from the version that Clark/Superman had encountered before though. This Eradicator holds much more inside himself than just the hopes of dreams of resurrecting Krypton...

The Writing: Tomasi and Gleason keep the pace of the story relatively slow, the book is now published twice monthly so that probably has a bit of an effect on the pacing, but the reveal of what is most likely the newest version of Superboy (in the form of Lois and Clark's son Jon) makes up for any sluggishness in the storytelling. As a special treat, not only are we getting a 90s flashback of sorts to the glory days of modern age Superman storytelling with the appearance of The Eradicator, Tomasi and Gleason reintroduce readers to yet another mainstay of that era of Superman tales: "Sooperman's Biggest Fan" and owner of the Ace O' Clubs, none other than Bibbo himself!


The Artwork: Gleason never disappoints and his splash pages are particularly special this issue. The two page spread of Superman and Son punching The Eradicator into near eradication is just short of iconic. His Eradicator is the new standard for the character and continues to look better, and creepier, than he ever has. Here's an alien threat from Clark/Superman's past who looks up to the threat he lives up to.

The Verdict: It's Superman...and Son...and Wife...and all is right with the world. 

Rating: 9 /10

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