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Last Updated: Jan 3, 2009 - 12:24:46 AM

Interview with Chris Staros
Welcome to the first installment of the new column Mr. Charlie Opens the Door.
Nov 1, 2003 - 11:31:00 AM

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From The Bin's Archives
Alpha Flight: Vindicating Guardian
The only job that's worst than a being a mom on television is to be a comic book super hero's spouse.
Transformers Generation One
Last year, Dreamwave productions obtained the Transformer's comic book license from Hasbro, the toy manufacturer responsible for bringing the giant robots to North America and Europe, from Japan in the 1980s.
Silver Age Aquaman
The Silver Age Aquaman and Aqualad action figure set by DC Direct represents many things to many people. For some, it reminds them of the campy Super Friends' Aquaman.
Nomad fought Miami-based crime boss, the Slug and roamed around America with Bucky, his baby sidekick.
The Drowned
Set in 1800 The Drowned is the story of French mental patient Théophile who escapes from his prison cell with the help of inexplicable inner demons.
The Baroness and the Pig
The Baroness and the pig is about a rich American heiress marrying into old European aristocracy who adopts an “enfant sauvage,” a child abandoned a birth and raised with farm pigs.
Marvel Select Ultimate Thor
The Marvel Select Ultimate Thor continues the company's foray into the deluxe action figures distributed exclusively through Diamond.
The figure is a mimic of the Psycho-Pirate as he appeared in the mini-series Crisis on the Infinite Earths drawn by George Perez.
Showcase #55: The Glory of Murphy Anderson
If you were born in the years just after World War II, your life's biggest regret is that you missed out on the splendors of the Golden Age.
Brokeback Mountain
Jake Gyllenhaal backs that thang up for Heath Ledger in director Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain.
Touring Brokeback Mountain
With a modest advertising budget, no television commercials and a limited distribution, Brokeback Mountain has received lots of press coverage by critics and the media.
Brokeback Mountain - The Review
Brokeback Mountain gets its expected Oscar Best Picture nomination, but my review shows why I think Brokeback's Oscar party is about to get "crashed."
Invincible #48
Although part of the issue was played for laughs, it progressed real fast into drama and higher stakes
Invincible #49
Cyborg zombies attack giant radioactive bugs. But enough about the Hilary and Obama campaigns…
Art Spiegelman Talks Comics Politics In Toronto
Prolific comic book artist/writer speaks about his life and the politics of comic book writing and art.
Invincible #50
or, How I Survived My Performance Review.
Invincible #52
It's new, but not crappy new like Pepsi Clear or Transformers Animated.
Action Force #20
Action Force was a 24 page, magazine-sized comic book published by the British division of Marvel Comics every week
Invincible #58
Is Invincible the Spider-man of the 21st Century?
Invincible #59
This was an interesting story that builds up new villain, giving him a strong motivation to go after Invincible and exact his vengeance
The Fifth Estate: Top Gun – Two Takes
CBC News: The Fifth Estate set its sights on video games, taking pot shots in the dark.
Invincible #60
Evil Invincibles run amuck the world and it’s up to the super heroes of the Image Comics universe to save the world
Invincible # 62
Invincible continues to fight the Viltrumite envoy that was sent to dispose of him so they could invade the Earth
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Action Figures
If Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has done its job correctly, there’s a good chance you and/or your children will come out of the theater with the urge to buy some plastic transforming robots
Invincible #63
This issue, the Viltrumite agent sent to shake Invincible continues to kick the hero’s ass
The Last Airbender Movie Previews Begin
Film based on the animated series, "Avatar: The Last Airbender," debuts Summer 2010.
Jews and the Creation of the Superhero
Jewish writers, artists, managers, owners and publishers were at the center of the creation of the superhero. What does this mean?
Invincible #67
Invincible’s father with Allen the Alien are trying to recruit and obtain a collection of weapons capable of destroying Viltrumites
Invincible #68
Invincible fights a new villain Dinosaurus who believes in eugenics
Invincible #69
Will Invincible pick the wrong fight and risk the freedom of planet Earth?
The Boys #40
Ennis places his cast on a collision course...
Creator Spotlight - Lou Fine
Lou Fine spent less than six years as a professional comics artist, but has had more influence than some who spent a lifetime in the field.
Kevin Smith's Kato #2 in May 2010
Spinning-off from the hugely successful Kevin Smith's Green Hornet, Dynamite is giving Kevin Smith's newest creation her own monthly series with Kevin Smith's Kato!
Captain America #604
Bad Cap forces Bucky Cap to don his old outfit and go on a mission with him while The Falcon battles his captors and finds an unlikely ally…
Siege: Captain America #1
A tale of Two Captain Americas: Bucky and Steve team up to save a family trapped between the rubble of Asgard and a nasty super villain.
Captain America Reborn #6 of 6
This is the finale to half a year’s worth of storytelling to bring back the first Captain America after his death in a plot concocted by the Red Skull
Invincible #70
Invincible fights the horrible squid guy that looks like the Justice League’s Starro
Captain America #605
The new Captain America, assuming his Bucky persona because the crazy Captain America of the 1950s forced him to must fight his “mentor” and stop him from blowing up Hoover’s dam
Invincible Returns #1
Invincible feels bad after having murdered an innocent man possessed by an alien squid
Kato Origins #1
Kato, the manservant of the Green Hornet is requested by the police to serve as a translator for Koreans shop keepers that have been attacked
Invincible #71
Invincible, his brother and his dad go out in space to join an alliance against the Viltrumites
Green Hornet and Kato comics in june!
Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #1 was an incredible hit and it helped propel Dynamite Entertainment as the fifth largest publisher in comics for the month of June.
The Last Airbender News!
Trailer,New Posters + Website
Green Hornet and Kato comics in July!
Summer Sizzle with the Green Hornet This Summer!!
Kato #1
An older Kato returns to Japan after years of service with the Green Hornet in America
Invincible #72
Invincible faces Conquest a second time
The Last Airbender: Prequel: Zuko's Story
A prequel comic to the upcoming film.
The Last Airbender
OEL manga adaptation of upcoming movie.
The Last Airbender Cast interviews!
Interviews of M. Knight Shyamalan,Nicola Peltz,Dev Patel...
Invincible #73
Mark is hurt badly and the Viltrumite war is being waged in every reaches of the universe without him, his father, and his brother
Captain America #606
Is Captain America too violent?
Steve Rogers Super Soldier #1
Steve Rogers is chasing the grandson of the man who created the serum that transformed him into Captain America
Captain America #607
Bucky and the Black Widow are searching for the girl who slipped some drugs into his drink a few days priors
Captain America #608
It’s Captain America and the Black Widow versus the new Beetle
Inspector Gadget and Johhny Test Explore Comics
Viper Comics announced Inspector Gadget and (Cartoon Networks) Johnny Test licenses
Steve Rogers Super Soldier #2 of 4
Steve Rogers is in Madripoor, that fictional Marvel Comics island that looks and feel like Singapore to find who is the hitman hired to kill Professor Erskine
Captain America #609
This story is not as bad, although I miss the crime noir feel of the early Captain America series
Captain America #611
Steve Rogers pleads the innocence of the new Captain America, Bucky Barnes with the President of the Unites States, as the media continues to portray the former Winter Soldier as a menace and a traitor
Invincible #75
Fuck, it was great
Widowmaker #1 of 4
How will Hawkeye cope with his two former lovers in a case that could mean the death of each of them?
Wertham Documentary a Shocking Tale of Comics History
Tentatively scheduled for an early 2012 release, Diagram for Delinquents: Fredric Wertham and the Evolution of Comic Books...
Fredric Wertham Documentary Kickstarter Campaign Ending
Sequart is in the home stretch of the Kickstarter campaign for Diagram for Delinquents, our upcoming documentary film
The Boys #56
Back on the same old track...
Captain America #1
Rogers Returns…Again
Captain America #2
Captain America and Agent 13 continue to investigate the resurgence of an old foe from the Second World War that has become an ally of H.Y.D.R.A.
Invincible #83
The new nicer Invincible who’s able to turn the other cheek is still interesting
Captain America #3
This Captain America is all broad lights and straight to god super hero
Invincible #85
Everyone has sex all the time and that’s all they can think of
Captain America #4
Captain America is on the moon with Sharon and is about to be interviewed about world peace and how it was achieved
Origin Spirits of the Earth - A Bad Animé
Origin Spirits of the Earth is the story of a post apocalyptic world where genetically threes created centuries ago by men and planted on the moon have moved to Earth
The Art of The Secret World of Arrietty
New art book focuses on The Secret World of Arrietty.
Invincible #86
Allen has decided to release the deadly scourge virus on Earth to eliminate the hidden Viltrumite refugees
Invincible #99 Review
I haven’t read @imagecomics Invincible for months and it feels like nothing has changed
Avatar: The Last Airbender Comics Available Through Dark Horse Digital
Avatar: The Last Airbender is the newest addition to Dark Horse Digital