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Last Updated: Jan 3, 2009 - 12:24:46 AM

Interview with Chris Staros
Welcome to the first installment of the new column Mr. Charlie Opens the Door.
Nov 1, 2003 - 11:31:00 AM

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From The Bin's Archives
Avengers #77
"Figured we'd cross the pond…take in a few sights…eat some bad food…and kick some bad guy booty," explains Hawkeye, concerning the Avengers' visit to England.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang #1 Review
Crossgen has been investing and promoting what I call its new wave of comics unrelated to their original universe non stop.
Holy Ghost El Gato
Michael Aushenker's El Gato is virtually in a class by itself, though it's also a distant cousin to the comic book, HELLBOY...
Future Shock: El Gato 2002
In each El Gato comic, cartoonist Michael Aushenker shows his love for the form.
Flash #205
The continuing "Ignition" story-arc in the pages of the Flash has been dark and gloomy so it is only fitting that Batman should finally show up.
Green Lantern #172
Kyle Rayner attempts to infiltrate the ranks of the Black Circle, an interplanetary crime syndicate, by working with a motley band of aliens in taking down a rival group of arms dealers.
Sota Sagat Street Fighter
Sagat was one of the two combatants to reach the last levels of the first World Warrior's tournament.
Space Ghost #2 (Of 6)
Kelly’s story is something we’ve seen so many times before – a man is betrayed by his friends or colleagues (it’s the latter here).
The Pin-up Art of Bill Wenzel (Humorama)
Fantagraphics and Alex Chun give us another great retrospective on the work of a Humorama pin-up cartoonist in The Pin-Up Art of Bill Wenzel.
Flash Gordon: Flash in the Pan
With the announcement that BCI would be releasing Filmation's Flash Gordon cartoon to DVD this summer, let us return to those thrilling days of yesteryear, and remember what made this overlooked gem so groundbreaking.
Mel Gibson's Apocalypto
It grossed unexpected amounts, and grossed out even more unexpected-er amounts.
So action-packed, there's barely room to breathe. Or think. Especially think.
Turok Gets Revamp
This is not your father's Turok
The Simpsons Movie
One problem with the movie lies with the line quality of the drawings
The Simpsons Movie
What is there that really needs to be said about a The Simpsons movie? I mean, all you really want is two things. 1. It's got to be good, and 2. It has to go a little farther than what they can do on TV without going over the top. Well, The Simpsons Movie delivers in spades.
The Simpsons Movie
Notes from (the cultural) Underground.
Doctor Strange Animated
A highly entertaining film and a quartet of nice extras make this DVD package worth the purchase.
Undertown: Volume 1
This trip to another world comes with a preview of The Dark Crystal prequel manga.
Christian Slade: Korgi Book 1
Book join's Owly as kid friendly comic book/storybook.
Korgi Book 1 - Top Shelf
Top Shelf tries cute on for size, and thankfully it doesn't make me puke in a bag.
Love Control (Yaoi Manga)
Due: 04/22/2008 Control freaks in love.
Pathos: Volume 1
Lust of the vampire.
Pathos II (Yaoi)
Hotter blood of the vampire.
Donald Trump’s larger than life persona carries a new biography comic
He seems to be everywhere; on television, in book stores and most recently, elbowed his way into the current political morass.
"Richie Rich" #1 is Gold
Ape Entertainment is pleased to announce that RICHIE RICH #1 has sold out! It seems both fan and retailer excitement over the return of Richie Rich
Legerdemain - The Best Identity Crisis Story with the Atom
Legerdemain, was a four-parts story published in Suicide Squad #59 – 62 about conspiracy that involved Ray Palmer the Atom
Bluewater's "Political Power: Hillary Clinton" Comic In Stores June 8
Bluewater is pleased to present a unique venture in the history of comic books, a follow-up biography featuring Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.
Turok, Son of Stone: Volume 8
Turok, Son of Stone comic books sparkle in spiffy Dark Horse Archive.
Spaceman: The Deluxe Edition comics review
@vertigo_comics presents Spaceman: The Deluxe Edition, a hardcover collection of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso's Spaceman miniseries.
Native American Classics Review
The most beautiful collection of Native American religious myths, stories, and illustrated poetry ever collected in sequential art form.