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Cammy Sota Street Fighter

By Hervé St-Louis
Jun 21, 2005 - 10:44

Cammy is British citizen and a member of the Delta Red team. M. Bison brainwashed and turned her into one of his assassins. As she freed her mind from his control, Cammy sought revenge on M.Bison and Shadaloo, his evil organization. Cammy’s real origin is unclear. She could be one of several female clones of M.Bison which he uses as spare hosts. She could also be one of his former lovers. Cammy is a deadly assassin with very strong legs.


There are a few versions of Cammy’s suit. One of the most commonly seen is her green leotard with camouflage paint on her legs. Another common suit is her Shadaloo blue top with a turtle neck. Sota’s Cammy resembles the cartoon version of the cartoon. Her face is round and she has the scar on her left cheek.


Cammy’s shape is great, although the ball joints in her hip don’t look good. Painting all of her hip section in green would have been better, rather than to give Cammy a thong. Cammy’s arms don’t stand vertically because her ball joint articulations at the shoulders block their motion. Although part of her design, the knuckle spikes on Cammy’s gloves don’t look very good. Her fingers being short, they protrude and look awkward.

Cammy’s paint job is decent. The red on her red socks spills over her legs. Checking the crest on her beret shows lots of details. The skin on her face and arms have highlights. However, her legs don’t. Sota should have given her dirtier legs to mesh better with the camouflage paint on her legs. Cammy’s hairs have fine highlights and shadows mimicking real hair.


Cammy is a little taller than Chun Li but way smaller than Ken, Ryu or any of the other male Street Fighter action figures. Cammy is supposed to be much smaller than Chun Li. Just like Chun Li her feet are way bigger than they should be. As all Street Fighter action figures are in scale with one, another, there is no problem. You’ll find that Cammy looks better next to six-inches Marvel Legends action figures than DC Direct’s.


Cammy is not very stable although her feet are long enough to support her weight. You’ll have to fiddle around with her feet until you find a stable pose. Cammy’s lighter chest doesn’t provide enough counter balance to anchor her properly on a surface. As Sota Toys doesn’t drill peg holes in their Street Fighter action figure, stability is a real problem.


Cammy has 27 articulations of which the head’s, the shoulders, and the hips have ball joints. Her knees and elbows have double articulations for added movability. Other articulations are at the biceps, the wrists, the palms, the abdominal, the thighs, the ankles, the soles, and the toes. Cammy comes with two sets of hands and two heads. In one of her heads, she blinks, just like when she has won a fight. In the other one a micro with a monocle can be attached to her ear left drum.


Cammy is made of PVC. Because her limbs are thin, be careful with when posing her. Don’t apply too much force to avoid breaking her. Her pony tails and toupee are in soft rubber.


Cammy has no other props besides the two pairs of hands, the two heads and the micro apparatus with the monocle.


Like all Sota Street Fighter, Cammy comes in a bubble package that can only be opened with scissors. It’s the same package used for all figures. However, the plastic cast inside is moulded after the action figure. Wires hold the figure in place. The package features artwork suggesting a video game. The leaflet included in the pack is the same for all the figures in this wave. It has images of all the Street Fighter action figures on the back.


Cammy costs about $12 American and $16 Canadian in the most competitive stores. It’s up to retailers to make their own prices as Sota does not suggest any. Sota does however sell exclusive variants on its site, at fairs and through specific retailers. Often the price Sota sells those figures is about $12 American. This is a good price for a figure that has so many details and has so many posing options.


Cammy is available mostly through Internet stores. Comic book shops can order the figures through Diamond Comics, however, they are shipped later there than when stores order through other distributors. Several variants of Cammy are available, suggesting that Cammy is a popular character for Sota Toys. Just like the first wave, don’t expect this figure to stay on the shelf very long. Buy now if you can.


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