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Damage Control

By Philip Schweier

So, Mrs. Wife and I were watching Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD a few episodes back, in which one of the characters references Damage Control. For those who may not know, Damage Control was a four-issue limited series back in 1989. It wasn’t about super-heroes; it was about the people who clean up after super-heroes. When the Fantastic Four takes down that giant robot, Reed Richards calls them to come disassemble it and clear the streets of Manhattan. When the X-Mansion gets attacked yet again, Professor X calls them to restore the Danger Room to like-new. They bill the likes of Tony Stark and Nick Fury for all their high-tech toys After their first mini-series, Damage Control returned again over the next few years. Their last major appearance was in World War Hulk Aftersmash in 2008. I think it arguable to say they could be a key component of the Marvel...   More


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