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Review: DCeased #1

By Philip Schweier

I’ve been reading comic books for over 45 years. Make of that whatever you care to, but in that time I have witnessed a variety of events which comic publisher have served: “It all starts here!” “A bold, new direction!” “No more mutants.” “Civil War.” They killed Superman, then brought him back. They crippled Batman, then cured him. Spider-Man got married, then divorced. The only thing I can think that would be more exhausting than listening to the hype, would be creating it. DC Comics latest event, entitled DCeased features a cover blurb: “The end of everything starts here.” No, it doesn’t. It’s not the end, DC is not going to stop publishing comic books or kill off more heroes (not permanently, anyway). In the story, Darkseid is driven off Earth (again) by the JLA, leaving with an ominous, “I got what I came for” statement. In the aftermath, Batman...   More


    Heroes in Crisis #8     
    Detective Comics 1002     
    Dial H for Hero #2     
    Action Comics #1010     
     Batgirl #34     
    Batman Beyond #31     
    Wild Storm #22     
    Teen Titans #28     
    Electric Wariors #5     
    Batman #69     
    Nightwing #59     
    Surfacing: Depth Perceptions #3     

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