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Anti-Social Media

By Philip Schweier

I’m not a fan of social media. It’s usually a distraction throughout my day, and I really don’t need moment-by-moment updates from a loose acquaintance as they head to the store for milk. But I am on Facebook, because it enables me to keep up with friends and relatives, and also connects me with fan-based communities. Recently, on one such fan page for a well-known fictional hero, there was a post that I found puzzling. It’s since been deleted by the admin, but to paraphrase: “I thought this was supposed to be a forum where we could share our appreciation of our childhood hero. Instead, I find myself and other conservatives being ridiculed, ostracized, and made to feel unwelcome by people whose political agenda disagrees with my own.” All this led the man to leave in huff, leaving behind an image of Donald Trump. I couldn’t understand how he arrived...   More


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