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Warriors of the Storm book review

By Leroy Douresseaux

Warriors of the Storm is a new novel from Bernard Cornwell, a popular British author of historical novels.  This is the ninth book in Cornwell’s “Saxon Tales” series, and it continues the story of Saxon warlord, Uhtred of Bebbanburg.  “The Saxon Tales” series is also known as “The Last Kingdom” series, and the first novel in “The Saxon Tales,” The Last Kingdom, has been adapted into a British television series. As Warriors of the Storm opens, a fragile peace reigns in the Saxon lands of Britain.  Edward, son of King Alfred, rules from Wessex and is slowly chasing the Danes from East Anglia.  Edward's sister, Aethelflaed, rules from Mercia, but Mercia borders Northumbria, a land of Northmen – Norsemen and Danes.  These Northmen, restless and eyeing the rich lands and wealthy churches to their south, are increasingly mounting raids into Mercia. Now, the Northmen have allied to a fierce warrior...   More


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