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Ghostbusters Plasma Series Ray Stantz

By Hervé St-Louis

Doctor Raymond Stanz is one of the founders of the Ghostbusters, a group of New York-based ghost and supernatural hunters known as the Ghostbusters. A professor of parapsychology and a historian of the occult, Stanz has a child-like enthusiasm for hunting ghosts. Ray Stanz first appeared in the 1984 Ghostbuster movie and was portrayed by actor Dan Aykroyd, who also co-created the franchise. There have been many Ghostbusters action figures featuring Ray Stanz in the past from many vendors such as Kenner, Neca, Playmobile, Lego, and Mattel. Hasbro now has the license and has introduced Ray Stanz as part of its Plasma series line which reimagines the characters from the 1984, 1989, and the upcoming 2021 movies, instead of focusing of the cartoon versions of the franchise. Likeness The toy looks like the movie character but is not hyper real. It feels slightly cartoony mostly because of the scale of...   More

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