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Review: Hawkman #1

By Andy Frisk

I always loved the old Hawkman stories. The ones from the character's earliest days, often collected in the old Archive Editions DC Comics used to produce. Carter Hall was an adventurer, an archeologist, and a bit of a rogue, but all hero. The character was steeped in history as well, being a reincarnated Egyptian prince/warrior named Khufu, locked in an eternal battle with evil. As the decades passed, Carter Hall/Hawkman's backstory became more convoluted than Wolverine's, and despite several attempts to reinvent and streamline the character, Hawkman never really got the attention and unification of story that the character really deserved. Enter Rob Venditti (Surrogates, X-O Manowar, Green Lantern), and after one issue, Carter Hall/Hawkman is made more interesting, unified, and, dare I say it, cool, than he has since he made his debut way back in Flash Comics #1. That's not hyperbole. Venditti has a great history of writing...   More


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