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Review: United States vs. Murder Inc. #1

By Philip Schweier

I’ll admit, I was skittish knowing Michael Avon Oeming was drawing this book. I enjoyed his work on Powers, when it had a certain Bruce Timm look to it. But his more recent work on Cave Carson left me cold, but in fairness, that may have been a blend of the story and/or the coloring. Oeming’s work seems to have devolved into almost an Underground style. He seems to make it work, though it’s wholly unsuitable for most mainstream comic books. Lucky for him, this isn’t a mainstream book. It’s a gangster story, told in three acts. In Act I, 11-year-old Jagger’s father, a mob hit man, is murdered. Her uncle takes her to where the crime family her father worked for is holding the murderer. This leads to her continuing the family tradition of serving the family as an assassin (Acts II and III). The rules are pretty straight...   More


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