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Review: Shazam #1

By Philip Schweier

Geoff Johns is back on Shazam, one of the many DC characters he’s been able to effectively reinvent, bringing his own interpretation to the masses. In this modern era where the phrase “Captain Marvel” conjures images of Brie Larsen, John’s needed to distance his version from the original Captain Marvel. I regard them as two variants on the same theme; kind of like the 1978 version of Battlestar Galactica and the more recent version. The original is the parent, while the modern version is the now-grown child. It’s okay to enjoy them both. If John’s continues to elevate the new one version while building on the roots of the original, it’s a win-win. The issue opens with a mercifully brief recap of the origin of Shazam, followed by him and his Marvel family foiling a good, old fashioned museum robbery. All that’s missing is Uncle Dudley. Really; even Hoppy the...   More


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