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War for Cybertron Earthrise Bluestreak

By Hervé St-Louis

Bluestreak is the Generation One Autobot gunner who appeared in the first set of Transformers released in 1984. A talkative warrior with past trauma, Bluestreak is also one of the fastest Autobot that transforms into a car. Bluestreak has always shared the same mould as Prowl, the Autobots’ strategist, and Smokescreen, their diversion tactician. Don’t ask me how I know all of this without checking Wikipedia. I just know. Personally, Bluestreak was always my favourite Autobot, although I always had a soft spot for Jazz. I just relate to Bluestreak. Often forgotten, he’s one of the best fighters the Autobots have and always unsure of himself. He makes jokes, no one ever laughs at. How can you not love the guy, especially when he fights against Laserbeak? Likeness I do not follow the War for Cybertron Transformers cartoons, but I am still a fan of Bluestreak. And this Earthrise action...   More

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G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe Classified Series Special Missions: Cobra Island Baroness with C.O.I.L.

June 8, 2021 - 00:05

The Baroness first appeared in G.I Joe comics #1 in 1982 even though her first action figure was released in 1984, by creating her as the lieutenant and intelligence officer of Cobra Commander and Cobra, cartoonist Larry Hama cemented her presence, leading to her joining the first G.I. Joe cartoon before being released as an action figure. The Baroness comes...   More

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Marvel Comics

Spider-Man Reign

June 5, 2021 - 23:47

It’s the future and New York is isolated from the rest of the United States. There are no villains left in the city and Spider-man is an old, retired man.

Toy Collecting

Star Wars The Black Series Rebel Trooper (Hoth)

June 4, 2021 - 07:29

The Hoth Rebels troopers appeared in the Empire Strikes Back Star Wars film in 1980 where they were defending the Rebel Alliance’s base against the Galactic Empire’s forces.

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra Infantry Action Figure

May 28, 2021 - 20:58

The Cobra Infantry is the repainted and most distributed version of the Cobra Island Exclusive Cobra Trooper which came with an extra weapon, goggles, and a shoulder patch indicating its rank among the troops.

Toy Collecting

Star Wars The Black Series Luke Skywalker (Dagobah) Figure

May 22, 2021 - 15:27

There has been many sculpts of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker. This is one of the good ones in terms of the 3D face paint technology used.

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe Retro Collection Cobra H.I.S.S.

May 15, 2021 - 21:32

The Hiss tank, regardless of its design flaws is an incredible toy.

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe Classified Series Red Ninja Figure

May 8, 2021 - 09:49

I like this action figure a lot. It looks different than other red ninjas and is a repaint of the original Snake Eyes.

Réflexion de rat

Thomas Pesquet claustrophobe

May 3, 2021 - 10:48

C'est le bouquet !

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Joker Review

April 30, 2021 - 22:51

When former mental health patient Arthur Fleck attempts to rejoin the world as a performer, he finds that every step meets with ridicule, deceit, and sometimes violence.


Updated 2021 ComicBookBin Logo

April 29, 2021 - 00:53

My life goal today was to change the Bin’s logo.

Movie Reviews

Boss Level Review

April 25, 2021 - 10:02

In normal times, this film would one of the summer’s blockbuster. Here, it is a softly launch movie with no major studio backing, released as a Blu-Ray @vvs_films

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