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Multiverse Travelling Heroes Found Dead in Macabre Embrace in Thailand Hotel Room

This is a sad day indeed, the Dark Knight vigilante from Gotham City known as Batman was found dead in a hotel room next to the claw-wielding uncanny marvellous X-Men mutant Wolverine. It seems like both alleged super heroes from differing universe murdered each other in a dirty and creepy hotel room in Bangkok last night. Both men were pronounced dead on site. Batman was 37-year-old. Wolverine’s age was difficult to guess, but he appeared to be about 52 year-old, but was probably much older.

The remains of both men were brought to the Madripoor General Hospital where where close relatives and friends of both men confirmed the identities of both deceased hero. Worlverine was confirmed to have been name Logan and was of Canadian origin. Source say he was born in Northern Alberta about 40 kilometers from Fort McMurray. The identity of Batman was confirmed by one Hal Jordan, better known as the ring wielding super hero Green Lantern. Other visitors were on hand, not wearing super hero costumes. Guesses of onlookers were that the young men who entered the room with Jordan were young men, possibly the sons of Batman and related to the secret identity of his alter ego, alleged to have been none other than playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne.

Batman had been stabbed to death by the retractable adamantium claws of Wolverine while the latter was found poisoned by a lethal dose of a rare form of kryptonite that stops cellular regeneration and division, thereby stopping the effectiveness of the mutant’s healing power.

Batman was a known adventurer, almost an urban legend to some that operated mostly from Gotham City, New Jersey in the United States. He was frequently seen in Happy Harbour and across the world in the most bizarre locales. Wolverine worked mostly out of Staten Island, New York and San Francisco, California, when he wasn’t visiting his native Canada or Japan. Both men were known to authorities are frequent travellers in the most obscure overseas stretches.

Batman came into being in Gotham City nearly 20 years ago and originally battled the Joker and a host of freaks released from the local asylum, Arkham Asylum. He was a member of several super hero teams, such as the Outsiders. He will be best known, however, as a founding member of the Justice League and various incarnation of that team. Batman has led that team on several occasions. Wolverine’s history is murky and many exploit starting from World War One and World War Two had been attributed to him. Recently he was a member of the nucleus of the future Canadian super hero team Alpha Flight but better known as a long standing member of the X-Men and lately the Avengers.

The remains of both heroes were found on the same bed, and rumour have spread from local paparazzi and  media that either both men involved in a game of Russian roulette gone wrong or simply involved in a game of truth or dare involving a physical affair of homosexual origin. Nothing has been confirmed and we continue to investigate.

To the world, both men were heroes, although from different dimensions and have save their respective Earths numerous times. To their allies, they were the core of their teams and the examples that inspired countless of younger heroes and vigilantes. How both heroes came to meet in Bangkok has not been resolved yet. No word was given for when the funeral of the men would be held or if they would be held separately or even in their respective Earths.

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2014 - 18:03

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