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The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes Season 2 Episode 19

By Hervé St-Louis
June 17, 2012 - 08:44

Vision goes into repairs for 30 days and when he comes back from his hibernation mode, he finds that the world has changed. The Avengers, led by Tony Stark have taken over the Earth and control it. Iron men troopers monitor the word and all artificial intelligence devices have been shut down. Can Vision stop his teammates from running the world?

This was a good episode to showcase Vision’s powers and I must admit I didn’t see the plot twist about why the Avengers had turned on humanity until it was revealed. I thought they had been caught in a time travel story where someone had modified the timeline while Vision was asleep. This plot has been done several times in comics, for example in the first volume of the Justice Society series from the 2000s, the Ultra Humanite had taken over the world using the Justice Society. In all these stories, there is always a small group of resistance fighter fighting to change the world. Vision starts by recruiting Captain America and as he faces more Avengers, converts them one by one.

The Wasp and Yellow Jacket were mentioned in this episode but completely left out of the story. I hope that’s not a pattern we’re seeing happen. Hank Pym was already ignored in several episodes of this series. I understand that Wasp and Yellow Jacket just had a featured episode recently, but shutting them out completely does not bode well. I guess I could make a similar argument for the Black Panther who doesn’t even show up often anymore.

What I find interesting is how some Avengers had less problems resisting the mind control powers of the Purple Man who was pulling the strings. Yeah, it turns out he was responsible for the mind control. Near the satellite that controlled the world, Miss Marvel was controlled again while Hawkeye was safe. Near the Purple Man, Captain America was completely free of his control while Tony Stark of course, tried to resist but could not break free. What’s interesting is that it seemed that through Jarvis, Vision was able to momentarily control Iron Man’s armour. I’m not sure Tony Stark would like that.

Again, as in many other episodes, this one explores plots and themes taken from random parts of the Avengers’ history. How Tony Stark always prepared to take over the world was explored the last few weeks in comics during the Civil War, the Invasion, the Illuminati and more. It’s a running theme that Tony Stark has the classic profile of a villain like Lex Luthor, yet uses his power for good. This episode was quite interesting, although for some reason, I’m still not as impressed with the animation in this season, as I was in the first.

Rating: 9 /10

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