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The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 Episode 25

By Hervé St-Louis
June 27, 2012 - 21:06

Crash landing on the homeworld of the Kree, planet Hala, the Avengers are split in two and must face an barrage of Kree training creatures and the Kree military in their quest to stop the Supreme Intelligence from destroying humanity. The Supreme Kree Intelligence agrees with Captain Marvel that the human race has special attributes that should allow them be preserved and therefore should dissect the few Avengers it had captured, but before they can do so, the other party of Avengers come to the rescue. But will that be enough to stop the Kree Supreme Intelligence?

I really liked this episode which continued from the previous one, but Black Panther was back miraculously having escaped death and teleported to Hala to join the other Avengers. He also seem to know quite a lot about the Kree and the whereabouts of the other Avengers. At once pint I almost screamed bloody Skrull spy. It elements like that that stretch the realism of the series and make it less enjoyable. They should have just figured out something else instead of just allowing him to miraculously be saved and have intell on everything Kree related.

I like the presence of the Kree Intelligence and how he faced the Vision and somehow lost. At several moments, I thought that Miss Marvel and Vision were liking each other very much, and in a way re-enacting the relationship Vision has with the Scarlet Witch in the comics. Didn’t happen. It also seems that Captain Marvel has something for Miss Marvel. I also thought that the SWORD astronaut hanging out with the Avengers would be given the Nega bands and become Quasar or something similar. He kind of looked like Rick Jones, the eternal Avengers’ sidekick although he had another name. Didn’t happen. Too bad. So many good opportunities lost.


Rating: 7 /10

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