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The Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes Season 2 Episode 24

By Hervé St-Louis
June 27, 2012 - 20:21

The Kree Empire is trying to install a portal near Earth’s sun that will eventually destroy the sun but allow Kree convoys to travel through space. Aided by Kree infiltrator and prisoner Captain Marvel, the Avengers must stop the Kree at any cost, even if it means they die in the process.

This was one of the best episodes of this season that kicks off a new major storyline that will probably end the series on a high note. The entire team is back and given ample room to shine. The first to do so is Yellow Jacket who buys the other Avengers enough time for them to take off Earth and travel to the sun along with Captain Marvel. The team splits in half with those Avengers who can travel in space trying to stop the Kree portal while the other Avengers try to rescue the human travelers from the space station near the sun. There’s action all the way and enough fighting for all of the Avengers to have their moments.

What’s important is that this is the moment Kang had predicted Captain America would make a crucial decision that would affect the future. As Iron Man points out, the decision was to be made at an important moment. Save Black Panther from crashing into the sun or continue with the mission. Captain America chose to continue with the mission and try to save the Earth. It was a heart breaking moment to see Black Panther plunge into the sun and possibly die.  The story ends in a cliffhanger with the Avengers transported to the Kree homeworld in space.

Special mention in this episode goes to Yellow Jacket who proved nutty again but just for the sake of it. He really is much more fun than the boring Hank Pym!

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