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The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes Season 2 Episode 22

By Hervé St-Louis
June 24, 2012 - 08:37

The Hulk escapes from a special prison created by the military and General Ross after the Avengers try to release him legally. To stop his rampage, the Red Hulk shows up to stop him and join the Avengers. The Red Hulk is smart and effective in combat and soon joins the Avengers, but what does he hides from the Avengers?

If you’ve watched previous episodes, it was obvious that the Red Hulk was General Ross. Well, if you read the comics, you would have figured that out too.  The plot was pretty straightforward, but there was no tie in made with the Red Hulk’s previous allies such as the Red Skull, the Falcon and Doctor Samson. After all, the Red Hulk’s powers were given to him somehow. I wish he would have made a mention of how he used to be allied with the bad guys. The closest we got was a mention that he had probably been brainwashed in the past.

I found the ease with which the Avengers accepted the Red Hulk in their ranks pretty simple. Sure Iron Man had trump card in his plans, but the other Avengers’ eagerness to accept the Red Hulk was barely explored, except for the Wasp. The Wasp as one of the most intuitive Avenger ever did not buy the Red Hulk’s story by helping Captain America, but it seems these days that the latter is the most intuitive Avenger!

This episode was all about resolving loose ends and there are a few more to figure clean up such as Surture and the Enchantress’ escape. Another subplot that’s been left dangling is about Captain America becoming the Avengers’ leader. I’d say right now he’s still their field commander, but not really their leader yet. I can’t wait for that to happen though. His characterization in this series has been impressive. He really is a strong character and one of my favourites.

Rating: 8.5 /10

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