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Superman: Confidential #2

By Kevin Powers
December 14, 2006 - 01:14


Superman: Confidential is the type of title that has the ability to revisit a time before Lois and Clark were married, a time before Doomsday killed Superman and a time before the major Crises of days past.  While this title has the innate ability to give the continuity of Superman (which by the way, is already jumbled and confusing) and really provide stories about the early, uncertain days of our Man of Steel.

What makes this book decently interesting is that fact that Clark doesn’t know his true power. He doesn’t know exactly what he can do and he’s constantly afraid of making a gross and fatal error. While this idea isn’t by any means new (after all Superman DID die), it gives a readers new spin and a new twist on Big Blue’s early days. This is great timing for this type of book because not only has Superman returned, but walk into any store and Superman is everywhere. Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale are doing their best to humanize the last son of Krypton, to give him human qualities adapted from his Kansas upbringing, before he becomes savior of the world.

Speaking of which, this issue features a rare and well-written great scene that shows his mother and father’s differences of opinions when it comes to his abilities.  Martha is under the assumption that Clark is 100% impervious to anything while Jonathan knows that Clark may have some kind of weakness.  All of this comes after Superman stops a volcano from destroying a town (very reminiscent of a certain Fleisher Studios cartoon) and he feels as if he drowns in the lava.  A great panel show Superman spewing lava from his mouth and his description of his lungs filling with the molten is also enough to give anyone heartburn.

I’m also a fan of Lois’ characterization in this story. As Lois and Supes are soon to take the next step in regular continuity with a visit from the stork, it’s always fun to visit the past when Lois Lane was the no nonsense reporter who goes on dates with scumbags when Superman stands her up.  Darwyn Cooke has a great grasp on early Lois Lane, she’ll go to any lengths to get her story even if it means ditching her future husband, although he stood her up to stop the flow of a smoldering volcano.  This title works for me and the building encounter to Superman and Kryptonite is rather interesting, as the Kryptonite is supposedly sentient.

Tim Sale’s artwork is always unique.  It’s distinctive yet classic and always a pleasure to see on a Superman title.  While some may not like his artwork, it always seems to fit accordingly wherever it is placed.  

While this title really doesn’t fit in Superman continuity as we know it, it is still a great classic tale that is sure to make keep any super-fan entertained.


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