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Deathstroke The Terminator

By Hervé St.Louis
October 17, 2004 - 10:21

Although a very popular villain in the DC Comics Universe, fans have waited a long time for a Deathstroke action figure. Fans who prefer the comic book version to the Teen Titans cartoon series will be very pleased with the new DC Direct Deathstroke The Terminator action figure. Other fans who witnessed the recent mercenary's success against the Justice League in the page of Identity Crisis will feel gratified.


This figure is not like on George Perez's designs although changes are minor. There are no scales on Deathstroke's thighs, and some of the straps on his costume positions vary. The figure has a knife attached on the left leg, unlike other versions by Perez and Mike Zeck. Speaking of Zeck, the figure isn't as puffy the artist's designs. As drawn recently in several places, the buccaneer's boots' flap is longer.


The sculpt is great. Deathstroke looks like he's about to go on a shooting spree in a calculated way. Although endowed with a simple pose, one can put Deathstroke in a variety of action poses. The figure's head and torso lean too much forward though. DC Direct has glued much of the gear that Deathstroke wears on the base of the figure. It works well. Deathstroke's forearms are too short and stocky.


The paint application is fine although there are lots of paint spots all over the figure. The orange paint is not thick enough to cover the blue coloured plastic the figure is made of. This is very apparent in the straps all over the figure's body. A second paint application would have helped. The metallic feel of the chain mail is fun.


Deathstroke is remarkably shorter than the comic book version. That's all right. As an older man from a previous generation, it makes sense. Just because he's a big shot character, he doesn't have to stand tall above every other. Although in promotional images from DCDirect, He seemed shorter than the Contemporary Robin, he's taller. He'll fit well with all Cyborg, Starfire, the Yellow Kid Flash and Raven.


This figure is very stable. His soles are flat and even have a nifty sculpt. He doesn't really need the action figure stand as his weight is well balanced. However, his knees are thin and already loose. It might be a problem in the summer. As the figure leans forward very much, over time, he risks falling face front, unless he's restrained by the action figure stand.


Deathstroke has eleven articulations at the neck, the shoulders, the elbows, the forearms, the hips and the knees. His sword fits in a holster on his back. It also fits his left hand. Deathstroke's shot gun fits in his right hand. As this figure really looks like a bigger G.I.Joe figure, it's a shame that there isn't more movability in his neck. A ball joint there would have helped. His shoulders also have balljoints.


DC Direct succeeded in cutting some of the cost of this set of figures by using cheaper plastic. It's rubbery and will make the figure lose stability in warm weather. This is one of the major defects of this action figures and others from the same wave. These figures will not stand the test of time very much. They will break easily, fall and be deformed after but a few years.


Deathstroke comes with a riffle and removable swords that fits on his back. The riffle doesn't seem like one of his classic weapons. There's a knife attached on Deathstroke left leg that can't be removed. A removable one would have been cool. Of note, Deathstroke's weapon of choice, his power staff is not included in the set. A repaint of the Contemporary Robin action figure would have worked.


Deathstroke's packaging is the new simple bubble box that holds the figure in place without wires. The inner bubble is custom made for the Deathstroke action figure removes some of the potential damages that can happen when removing wires from an action figure's package. The back cover of the card gives a short bio on each character. DC Direct has steadily improved its cards since the 2003 Modern JLA wave.


Deathstroke The Terminator costs less than previous DC Direct action figures since DC Direct has improved on the packaging and reduced waste. The vendor even reused the same cards for each action figure and added but a sticker to name the figure. This is a smart move by DC Direct and very appreciated by this fan. Deathstroke cost at least three to four dollars less than older DC Direct action figures.


Deathstroke is available trough the Direct comic book market and where products are distributed by Diamond Comics. Expect this figure to sell a lot and to be one of the most popular from the first wave of Teen Titans action figures. As a rule of thumb, DC Direct action figures sell fast and rarely get re-offered. Coupled that with Deathstroke's popularity, fans who wait too long will face a worst case scenario.

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