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JLA Flash

By Hervé St-Louis
December 4, 2003 - 11:20

The JLA Flash action figure is a fine attempt by DCDirect to capture the unique build of a character instead of imposing the same muscle bound indiscriminately. It is the third DCDirect Wally West action figure. While fans never asked much for it, they should appreciate this good addition to their collection. It is a far better version than the Yellow Kid Flash and better for group shots than the baby Flash red figure.


The most striking feature of this figure is its large forehead. This is a trait that's been seen in the Silver Age Flash and the modern one. This figure's costume has the same design used by the current Flash. Although the uniform's red is darker, it has some shiny stuff used in the version without the eye openings.


I dare anyone to prove to me that this is not the same sculpt used for the Silver Age Flash and the Crime Syndicate's Johnny Quick. Bruckner simply added some toning to the muscles and spaced the legs. The thighs are longer, making the figure taller. The shoulder cage and the feets are the same. However, the figure looks unique and more dynamic than either Johnny Quick or the Barry Allen Flash.


DCDirect decided to cover the red paint with a shinny metallic coat similar to the first Kyle Rayner action figure's. It looks nifty. However the paint job, like all figures in this release was poor. There is bleeding and blemishes everywhere. There are scratches on the figure's back and abdomen. The main problem with the paint job is the tattooed Flash logo on the chest. A sculpted version would have looked better.


Although based on the same sculpt, the JLA Flash is much taller than Johnny Quick or the Silver Age Flash. He fits really well with the other JLA figures but not much with older DCDirect action figures. DCDirect should not be raising the scales of its figures by an inch. Because of his bigger size, the JLA Flash is a closer match to Captain Cold and the Mirror Master than the Silver Age Flash.


This figure is stable and no problems should occur. Unlike the JLA Aquaman, it is not top heavy, having smaller shoulders and a thinner chest. His knees are much stronger than the Silver Age Flash. That should help. If any problems occur, use the action figure stand that came with the figure.


There are nine points of articulations at the neck, the shoulders, the elbows, the hips and the knees. The head is ball-jointed, like the Silver Age Flash. This allows the figure to nod up and down, sideways and normal left/right turns. This is a very good thing for the figure. The ball-jointed shoulders are as fragile as the JLA Aquaman's. While testing them, the left arm popped out.


The JLA Flash has the same type of plastics that all the new DCDirect figure sport, although it's hard to tell with the paint finish on. Needless to say, he is lighter than the Modern Superman or Aquaman. That plastic does not stink, but it bends easily in warm areas. Figures, even those on action stands fall constantly because of this plastic.


The only prop, besides the action figure stand and its unique peg bar, is the same Flash ring that came with the Silver Age Flash set. This is a great ring with a cool action feature mimicking the Silver Age's Flash hidden cockpit where his inflatable costume used to be hidden. The problem with the ring is that it may not fit many males' hand. I'm far from having thick and large hands, but it barely fits and is too tight.


The packaging is much better. DCDirect is finally adding comic book art to the card stock. However, there are no more bios on the card's back. They should have either highlighted the image of the figure on the card, made it bigger or put it in the centre of the card. The information on the back stock is much clearer than in the past and more professional.


This figure is over priced, like all DCDirect action figures. This seriously limits the reach of such beautiful and quality figures. One would think that DCDirect would have lowered the price of the figures for the JLA release. It is a popular team and surely many could have tried to start their collection with these. DCDirect favours letting individual stores set the prices for the figures that is not good for the end consumer.


This figure should be available in all comic stores and specialty shops. The Silver Age Flash is very rare so although not the same character, if history repeats itself, this Flash should disappear fast enough. It is a very good base for custom action figure designers so that may also increase sales. While the first Wally West DCDirect figure, the Yellow Kid Flash is a peg warmer, this one is a winner.

Update February 6 2005:

This figure has sold out from Diamond Comics, the exclusive distributor of this action figure.

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