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Silver Age Robin Action Figure

By Hervé St-Louis
March 22, 2003 - 13:48

The near-perfect Silver Age Robin comes in the Batman Silver Age Two Pack released in mid February by DCDirect. The figure is the perfect companion for the Batman. This Robin is older than the Golden Age Robin appearing in comics but younger than the one who starred in the New Teen Titans series of the 1980s. He seems 15 or 14 years' old.

One of the major element of this Robin, is that he does not sport the domino mask with green highlights. At this point, my comic book history is too shallow for me to identify exactly when Robin had such as a mask. I mildly remember the 1960s Robin on television with a green mask but no domino mask.

Everything else about Robin is accurate. Even the chain-mail on his trunks are sculpted. His biceps are a little too large for a teenager. My major criticisms are his boots. Robin's boots only have outer edges and none inside. They are also glued components. Poor Robin looks like he'll lose his shoes anytime with that sculpt. It also makes the Boy Wonder's Silver Age clothing look more ridiculous than ever.

Something that is very appreciated about this figure is the sturdiness of the soft rubber cape on Robin's chest. Somehow, DC Direct succeeded in sculpting a cape that holds tightly to the figure without the use of glue or peg holes. A similar feature is also enabled in the Silver Age Batman. Robin's cape is somewhat short, but it seems that in those days, that was normal.

Robin's articulations are more flexible than Batman's. His shoulders have more motion. I would have appreciated wrists' articulations, but what we've got here is sufficient. Just like Batman, Robin's ankles articulations are reinforced. That should avoid the dreaded DCD figure fall over that is so common with this line.

The paint job is plain with only slight highlights in Robin's hair. The rest of the figure is painted with one uniform colour. Perhaps some highlights here and there would have enhanced this already perfect figure. Robin's naked legs would have benefited from some toning. The one paint feature that is poorly conceived, is the back of the head of the character with a weirdo hair trimming.

The figure is in perfect scale with Batman. For the other Teen Titans, Robin is shorter than Aqualad and Wondergirl but taller than Speedy and the red Kid Flash. Robin is also shorter than other short non Titans figures such as Kyle Rayner and the Huntress. However since Robin has always seemed to me like a short guy, he will fit nicely with the New Teen Titans.

Robin comes with the set of props and base that came with Batman. He has his own batarang and fits nicely in one of the designated spots on the base. Robin can stand up solidly with or without the figure stand. Unlike Batman, he has less difficulty holding a batarang in his hands.

Though worth every penny, Robin is an expensive figure to get because he is sold exclusively with Batman. Hopefully, someday, DC Direct will get the message and will start packaging figures who have no chance of failures by themselves. Robin is in fact probably a future hot property. Most of the people buying the pack focus on Batman and probably neglect Robin. Yet, the character is very popular with Titans fans.

If you are interested in purchasing Robin only, getting the whole set and selling Batman is better. Finding someone who only wants Batman is also a good idea. Another thing that makes this Robin a hot commodity, is that there won't be much future Robins in the future. I doubt that there will be a remould for the Teen Titans. The other Robin is Tim Drake and his fan base is different from Dick Grayson's.

I really like this Robin figure and consider him one of the hits of DC Direct for 2003. Now I cannot wait to get a modern Nightwing action figure. Read related reviews such as

Rating: 9.5 /10

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