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Review: The Lost Boys #1


By Andy Frisk
October 12, 2016 - 19:54

Released back in 1987, The Lost Boys would go on to become a cult classic film that highlighted the heyday of both "The Cories" (Cory Haim and Cory Feldman) and the beginning of the end of the 80s teen flick craze. A violent and gory, yet really funny film, The Lost Boys would do much to advance the teenage vampire thriller, even if Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992) would be the film to solidify the teenage vampire drama five years later. Now, DC Comics' Vertigo imprint looks to re-capture some of the original magic in comic book form with their own series based upon the classic film.


Can DC Comics generate solid sales numbers off of a comic book based upon a movie that is nearly three decades old? It's entirely possible, but not necessarily likely unless the comic book has excellent writing and equally excellent artwork. The Lost Boys #1 is marginally successful on both fronts. Artist Scott Godlewski does a good job creating characters that are recognizable as the same characters from the film. Michael, Sam, Star, Grandpa, Edgar and Alan are all on hand. Unfortunately, Godlewski doesn't get to do much with them because in just about every panel these characters are in, they are simply being introduced, i.e. just standing around. Or in Michael's case, kneeling down to wash a couple of senior citizens' feet (he works in a nursing home). There's no vampire action, nor is there any action of any kind at all, unless you consider a kiss between Michael and Star as "action." Godlweski follows writer Tim Seeley's (Hack/Slash, Revival) pace perfectly though, as it is Godlewski, as the writer, who sets the pace here. Slow starts are not always indicative that a series will be boring. The real reason for the slow, re-introductory story is most likely intentional, as it is meant to reawaken the nostalgia that it's target audience might still feel towards the source material. It all depends upon what the reader is looking for here though. Personally, what I remember about The Lost Boys film is the action and humor. Others might remember the pretty boy faces and slow romantic build up scenes. To each his own. The Lost Boys comic book needs to strike a balance though, and quickly, or it will lose half of its potential audience.

The Lost Boys #1, the latest attempt by Vertigo Comics to capitalize on a popular film property, is interesting enough to want me to check it out next month, but it will have to pick up the pace quick if I'm going to recommend interest in the book to continue.

Rating: 7 /10

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