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Fairy Tail Part 1 Blu-ray/DVD Combo

By Chris Zimmerman
January 18, 2012 - 06:36

No creator’s work is as steeped in the shonen genre as Hiro Mashima’s. Brimming with the familiar tropes that fuel many shonen works, Mashima’s works have become fan favorites for simply being fun. There are no hidden meanings or themes that require thinking from the readers; rather these are simple stories of friendship and fighting. Fairy Tail follows this pattern, with a focus on a characters whose sole goal is to become stronger. Like other well known series, Fairy Tail utilizes fantasy and humor to maintain a refreshing tone that has carried it beyond 100 episodes.

The series transports viewers to an alternate world in which magical guilds of quirky and eccentric wizards battle for supremacy with the main protagonists belonging to the aptly named Fairy Tail guild. Lucy is a spunky young woman with the ability to summon powerful creatures. Though her control over said creatures could use some work, the power they bring to the table is worthy of any guild. While strolling around town, Lucy meets Natsu, a wizard with the ability to manipulate flame and a fiery attitude to match. Due to his boisterous demeanor, Lucy initially writes him off as just another loudmouth, until she learns that not only is Natsu a member of Fairy Tail, he is among the guild’s upper echelon of wizards. The pair join up and begin palling around, embarking on multiple adventures, both with their own hopes and dreams.

As is common of Mashima, his setups often follow the typical clichés of the shonen genre. His characters are single-note archetypes that occupy a barely-there plot. Give Mashima credit though, he knows his audience. Bombastic fight scenes, rambunctious characters, and a fantastical setting combine for a rollercoaster of a ride.   


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