DC Comics
Firestorm # 17
By Koppy McFad
September 17, 2005 - 04:17

DC Comics
Writer(s): Stuart Moore
Penciller(s): Jamal Igle,Rob Stull
Cover Artist(s): Matt Haley


This VILLAINS UNITED tie-in has Firestorm waking up in a supervillain hideout and immediately confronting an army of baddies led by Black Adam, the Queen Bee the Parasite and the new Royal Flush Gang. To complicate matters, a mysterious girl named Gehenna, with incredible powers of her own, has also been awakened and has taken a strange interest in Firestorm. The action is fast but also cleverly done with our hero having to resort to hiding, fighting and changing to his normal self, in his bid to make it to safety. Some of the villains seem strangely pumped up however. This new Royal Flush Gang, with their grunge costumes, are obvious cannon fodder, yet somehow, with nothing more than sharpened playing cards and flying platforms, they almost defeat a nuclear man who could turn them all into salt if he really tried. The art actually manages to make sense of the multiple characters and quick changes in setting, while making most of the characters look very good. (The Flush Gang however are the exception again.)

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