Press Kit - The Comic Book Bin
By Hervé St-Louis
November 30, 2010 - 23:11

Why Advertise At the Comic Book Bin?

1-Smartphone User-Base

The popular ComicBookBin apps are deployed on three smartphone platforms,  iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Google Android (Droids), and HP webOS (Palm Pre, Pixi). They reach an audience that's unique and different than the one that would usually visit an online entertainment news site like The Comic Book Bin.

This audience is highly mobile with more disposable income and a busy schedule and well connected to various social media sites. They also happen to like comic books, video games, action films, technology and other geeky hobbies. This audience usually is employed and are less likely to be students. This demographic groups is prized by all advertisers.

Benefit for advertisers: Reach an audience that other media and formats tend to lose (they don't watch much TV) and catch up to users that influence others in their social circles.

2-Limited Ad Blindness

Other comic book, video game, and action figure Web sites have a more captive audience than The Comic Book Bin. Our audience is composed of far more newer visitors than our competitors are. We don’t use forums at The Comic Book Bin. It is a fact that forum participants rarely bother looking at advertisements.

Benefit for advertisers:  Ad Blindness is less a problem because our readership is not accustomed to our ad placement and ad inventory. Our visitors notice our advertisers making conversion more effective and cheaper.

3-More segmented contents offerings

The Comic Book Bin covers a wide range of topics related to comic books, but segments carefully many of these sub markets to better appeal to our wide audience’s taste. For example, a Marvel action figure collector may never explore our Yaoi manga section that appeals to gay and female readers.

Benefit for advertisers:  Advertisers can choose to advertise in a specific section of The Comic Book Bin that yields better results to their advertising campaigns and only advertise their wares to qualified visitors.

4-Less Hardcore Enthusiasts

Unlike much of our competition, The Comic Book Bin is friendly to casual visitors and frequently covers material outside the usual grounds favoured by similar niche Web sites. The proportion of women and casual readers we attract is greater than most of our competitors. There is little to alienate casual visitors and women at The Comic Book Bin. We strive to increase the level of writing and have strict guidelines contained in our 16 page writing guide.

Benefit for advertisers:  The quality of our contents attracts casual visitors that are more difficult to identify than hardcore visitors are. The Comic Book Bin is the ideal partner to round up a multisite campaign targeting casual visitors spread over several Web sites and channels.

5-Flexible Layout and Clear Design

The look of The Comic Book Bin is not in the way of your message. We have a simple Web site layout with maximum exposure of white spaces that allow any image or advertisement to be easily noticeable by our visitors. Because we don’t offer pop unders, pop ups or use heavy tracking technologies, our pages load fast and securely for our visitors.

Benefit for advertisers:  Because of the flexibility in ad format, including sponsoring the frame around our pages layout, the means necessary for your message to be seen is easier to reach. We also offer exclusive ad placement options meaning a specific page or section of the page can carry your message and not compete with other ads.  We make your ad placement campaign easier.

To discuss your advertising campaign with us, contact us at 1-800-498-4436 or



Founded on August 8, 2002, The Comic Book Bin is a Web-based magazine on comic books that also comprehensively covers video games, action figures, fan films, films, and books.  Located in Calgary, Alberta, in Canada, next to the Rocky Mountains, “The Bin” is owned by Toon Doctor Inc., a cartoon animation studio owned by The Comic Book Bin’s publisher, Hervé St-Louis. Writers and editors from The Comic Book Bin are located in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.


The Comic Book Bin’s audience is unique among similar North American comic book Web sites. The demography of comic book buyers is not uniform.

Audience #1 – Super Hero Collectors

We estimate that 40% of our audience is composed of super hero and science fiction enthusiasts of which 70% are male. They are aged from 16 to 49 years old. 43% of them have college education, 10% have graduate college education. 38% have specialized technical college education. This audience is also interested in video games, action movies, action figures, and fan films, punk rock, and heavy metal music.

Audience #2 – Action Figure Collectors

We estimate that 25% of our audience is composed of action figure collectors. 80% are male. They are aged from 8 to 39 years old. 35% of them have college education. 46% of them have technical college education. This audience is also interested in comic books, video games, action movies and fan films and computer gadgets.

Audience #3 – Manga Readers

We estimate that 15% of our audience is composed of manga readers of which 52% are male, 48% female. They are aged from 14 to 34 years-old. 47% have college education. 24% have technical college education. This audience is also interested in novelty items, video games, action figures and books.

Audience #4 – Alternative Collectors

We estimate that 12% of our audience is composed of adults readers of which 53% are male and 47% female. They are aged from 18 to 55 years-old.  61% have college education, 18% have some graduate college education. 11% have technical college education. This audience is more liberally inclined politically. We estimate that 40% of this audience is homosexual. This audience is interested in comic books, books, fan films, movies, alternative lifestyles, the environment, parenting, and travel.

Audience #5 Casual Visitors

We estimate that 8% of our audience is composed of adults visitors of which 51% are male and 49% female. They are aged from 24 to 62 years-old. 34% have college education, 26% have technical college education. 14% have graduate college education. This audience is interested in movies, books, politics, lifestyle topics, parenting issues, education, financial services, health topics, and travel.

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