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Supergirl First Episode


By Hervé St-Louis
October 26, 2015 - 22:10

Supergirl is the latest DC Comics adaptation to television after the success of Arrow, Flash, Gotham and more. Kara Zor El’s parents sent her with her cousin Kal El to Earth to protect her baby brother on planet Earth. But her ship was lost in the phantom zone for years until it found its way back to Earth. But as Kara Zor El escaped the phantom zone, she also allowed Krypton’s worse prisoners to escape from their prison. Back on Earth Kara Zor El decides to become Supergirl, Superman’s cousin to protect Earth from the prisoners she brought with her. Will she survive her first mission?

This television series is not ready yet although the set up for the nemeses Supergirl will face is an original take on the character’s background. Instead of borrowing from the regular DC Comics’s stable of villains, she has her own brought to Earth because of her. I like the autonomy this gives Supergirl. She’ll be fighting aliens. With the revelation about the main leader of the alien villains, a multiple series’ arc has been created that should last all season and more. My complaint about this is that the story was too obvious!

There are no subtleties in this series. Even the revelation that black Jimmy Olsen knows Kara’s secret identity was annoying. There is no mystery left for viewers and the protagonist to discover. About the black Jimmy Olsen, he looks too buffed to be Jimmy Olsen. He’s also bald. Why not get a black geek for to play Jimmy Olsen? And why continually hinting at Superman and not showing him interacting directly with Supergirl?

This show seems to be for another demographics than the one watching Arrow or Flash. This show is aimed at women. All of the main characters and villains are women. It’s as if female empowerment was a strong theme of the series. There was even a part of the episode discussing why Supergirl was called Supergirl s opposed to Superwoman. It felt forced, even when coming from an old pro like Calista Flockhart, playing Kara’s boss, Cat Grant.

The acting was not the only thing that needed more polish. The action and special effects were not great. We’ve all seen better from Lois and Clark nearly 20 years ago. Hopefully, the production team behind this television series will improve as the season advances and the show will look and feel better. It was entertaining, but not impressive.

Rating: 6.5 /10

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