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New Warriors #2

By Zak Edwards
July 13, 2007 - 14:35

New Warriors #2

Kevin Grevioux continues to take us along the journey of putting together the team of the new New Warriors.  While the team seems to be set-up already (one shot shows eight costumed characters), Grevioux seems to enjoy keeping his audience in the dark.  There were a lot of questions concerning the New Warriors after almost all of them were killed in Civil War, but very few are being answered so far.  Being a brand new reader of the New Warriors, I don’t mind Grevioux taking his time, but I’m sure some of the fans of the series are wanting to see some action involving some of their heroes.

The decompression in this issue bothers me a bit as it feels like a lot happened in the first issue while this second issue completely slowed down.  Pacing just seems off, but I am fine with the development of some of the more interesting aspects of the story.  The public and media reaction to the re-emergence of the New Warriors is explored more this issue through a newscast and a couple of conversations.  The police investigation confuses me a bit though.  Why are two no-name cops investigating something that has caught the attention of S.H.I.E.LD?  It seems a little pointless, but hopefully it will develop into something more.  The introduction of Jubilee has got me excited, personally.  I was disappointed to see her powers taken away during the House of M events two years ago, but I’m glad to see her back.  Jubilee is allowing the main character, Sofia, the chance to explore the effects of M-Day with another ex-mutant.  How the de-powered mutants are coping now is interesting to watch.  I enjoy having the former New X-Man, Sofia, be in the spotlight for the series, being a strong character.  I hope the series continues along with her being the focus.

Paco Medina’s art is very good except for a few panels that just ruin the issue for me.  The panels in question have one of two problems.  The first problem is that some of the adult characters, Tony Stark in particular, just look too much like teenagers.  The second and more pressing problem is Medina’s inability to draw a properly proportioned female.  Most of the characters have giant breasts, each considerably larger than the tiny waists of the characters.  The comic is not supposed to be a collection of pin-ups, and yet in some places it feels precisely like that.  It’s unfortunate that Medina ruins his otherwise excellent art with exaggerated features.  It takes away from the whole experience.

7.5/10    The story slows down, and the art needs a breast reduction.  Otherwise, the series is still very solid.

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