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New Warriors #1

By Zak Edwards
June 9, 2007 - 14:23

After their major role in Civil War, it was only a matter of time before Marvel decided to bring back the New Warriors to cash in on their heightened exposure.  Needless to say, I believe they will cash in because this first issue is quite well put together and Marvel knows how to market it.  First off, they have fan-favorite former New X-Men Sofia Mantega, aka Wind Dancer, as a main character.  Second they have former New X-Men artist Paco Medina on board.  This means, all the New X-Men fans, like me, are wanting to know what happened to one of the favorite characters.  Having never read any of the old New Warriors stuff, this feels like a brand new experience to me and I’m enjoying it.  But almost all of Marvel’s teen comics are doing very well; Young Avengers, New X-Men, and Runaways are some of the best things going on for the publisher, and New Warriors looks to be carrying on the tradition.

Marvel also hired Underworld’s Kevin Grevioux to write the series, this going along with the company’s continued use of television and movie writers.  While this bears no resemblance to Underworld, the story is solid and well-written.  There is a good focus on the outcome of both the House of M and Civil War events and how they are affecting the Marvel Universe.  Both the Thunderbolts and Tony Stark show up with obvious references to propaganda machines like Uncle Sam while Sofia gives a good insight into how de-powered mutants are coping awhile after M-Day.  Tension flares as soon as the New Warriors are referred to, keeping Civil War at the front of the readers attention.  Character-wise,Sofia does seem to be quite different from her days in the New X-Men;  a lot more confident in herself, but maybe this attitude change is for the best.  Their isn’t a lot more character development going on as Grevioux seems to want to keep the new roster a secret for at least a little while longer.  The story seems to be shaping up nicely as Grevioux sets up a strong foundation, all-in-all this is a very solid read.

Seeing Paco Medina’s art again is great, it is reminiscent of his run with the New X-Men, he knows how to draw younger characters with life and vigour.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of art put onto panels after the fact and it is very obvious.  There is a Marvel sign that sticks out, as well as some graffiti art and, worst of all, some text on a t-shirt.  These additions after the fact do not enhance the art but rather become distractive and take away from the whole panel.  I’m also not a fan of how Medina seems to be putting Sofia into many poses that make come off as being a big tease and flirt rather than an actual character.  She’s constantly bending over tables and overly touchy with men that it takes away from her character.  Other than that, I enjoy Medina’s art and I hope he stays for a while.

8/10    Just a solid comic, front to back.

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