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How Sony Can Continue Tom Holland Spider-Man – Brand New Day


By Hervé St-Louis
September 1, 2019 - 22:20

Following the breakup between Marvel Studios and Sony, many fans have been wondering how Sony can continue the wonderful Spider-man stories set up in the last MCU Spider-man film, Spider-man Far from Home featuring actor Tom Holland and a reimagined cast and several Marvel Comics guest stars. In that story, a defeated Mysterio left a broadcast that revealed to the world that Peter Parker is Spider-man, blames him for his death, and of course, blames the monsters attacking the four corners of the Earth on Parker.

Many fans have been asking themselves how Sony could continue with the same continuity without mentioning the Avengers, the blip that saw half of life on the planet disappear for five years, and how to deal with the secret identity revelations. Well, Spider-man’s publisher, Marvel Comics has had to deal with such an issue before. Following Peter Parker’s revelation of his secret identity in the 2007 companywide mini-series Civil War that influenced the Captain America Civil War movie), Joe Quesada wanted to reboot part of Spider-man’s life. In particular, he wanted to give him his secret identity back and to undo Parker’s marriage with Mary Jane Watson.

In a four-issue storyline running in The Amazing Spider-man #545-549, Joe Quesada drew a story written by writer J. Michael Straczynski about Peter Parker striking a deal with the demon Mephisto to save his aunt May from death following an accident. In that story, the demon healed Aunt May, and made Spider-man’s secret identity secret again, erasing its knowledge from the mind of everyone, in exchange for one thing. Mephisto was jealous and angry at the deep love between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. He demanded that their marriage be undone. The couple accepted.

Suddenly, in The Amazing Spider-man series, Peter Parker’s life was back to the basics. He was single again and did not have access to the Tony Stark technology nor the Avengers. This sounds much like what would occur to Spider-man in the next fill with Holland. By using elements from the comics, Sony could realistically fix the secret identity mess that was left in a cliff-hanger while using material straight from the comics lore to continue with Spider-man’s adventures in a back to the basics tone that would easily do away with the MCU elements of the Spider-man franchise while keeping his close cast from the high school, Aunt May and Mary Jane Watson. It would also allow the character to mix in closer to the villains and the universe being built around arch nemesis Venom.

It would be interesting to see if Sony could lay claim on Mephisto’s character to pull this off. This situation is not ideal but it could work in case neither Marvel Studios nor Sony can resolve their conflicts.

Last Updated: August 31, 2023 - 08:12

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