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Top Trending Pages in March 2016
By Hervé St-Louis
April 7, 2016 - 11:47

This month has little variety. Old champions reign supreme over the new articles and comics that we continue to post daily at the Bin.

10-European Comics
I’m always glad and sad to see this section doing so well. It is unique to ComicBookBin in English-language comic news sites. We have access to European comics easily and can read the originals in French. I’ve seen reviews of French-language comics by non-French speaking reviewers who were trying to guess the dialogues from the drawings. Translated European comics are not bad, but as with any type of literature, you always want to read the original. What makes me sad about the popularity of this section at ComicBookBin is that I cannot deliver enough reviews for an audience that wants more. There are over 5000 new comics published every year in France and Belgium alone! This month, I wrote about the relevancy of Tintin for Belgium, following the March 22, 2016 attacks. An article worth reading and controversial in some sectors.

9-Are Yaoi Manga the Future of Gay Comics?
This old article continues to attract new readers and is even included in research literature lists on the topic.

The news section is active at ComicBookBin. We try to do real journalism but its not easy. Most of comics’ journalism is usually press releases!

7-Johnny Bullet #64
This page of Johnny Bullet was fun to work on and help readers understand what Johnny knows about the people of Cross Roads, and what he doesn’t. It followed another favourite of mine!

6-Johnny Bullet #63
I like this page because it reveals some of the ulterior motives of Johnny Bullet’s opponent. It’s kind of creepy too, in an American Gothic way!

This is the homepage of everything comics-related at the Bin. Since comics are mostly what we are about, most of our articles are in this section.

4-Johnny Bullet #1
Now, I’m glad that Johnny Bullet #1 is doing so well. It means that new readers are starting the comic there to see how it all started. Thanks!

3-Fan Films
Fan films are very popular. I wonder how many people will try to produce fan version of how Batman versus Superman should really have happened?

2-Top 10 Comics of the 1990s
Everything from the 1990s is new and popular again! Okay, it has been so for years. The 1990s changed comics for the worse and better. Comics today reflect decisions made in that crucial decade. Check out the comics that did change how comics are produced today.

1-Why Isn’t Daredevil on Blu-Ray?
This article written for season one of Daredevil is more relevant than before now that season two is out. Some viewers, I included, just prefer to watch their entertainment from discs as opposed as through streaming. Of course that goes against the current business model of Netflix bit nothing stops the company from making original DVDs like it used to when it started way back in the early 2000s.

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