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Top Trending Articles at ComicBookBin for January 2016
By Hervé St-Louis
February 1, 2016 - 12:35

January 2016 was a slow month at the Bin in terms of new articles. This is quite normal after the holidays. However, it seems that comic fans decided to visit us more than usual! So what happens when our visitors want to read more of our articles and that we make less? Well, they’ll explore more options on our site!

8-European Comics
This category at ComicBookBin is not updated often but is in demand by visitors. This month I wrote about the dire situation for comics creators in France. This article was published just before the Angoulême sexist controversy where no female cartoonists were nominated for any lifetime awards.

7-Fan Films
Fan films continue to be in demand at ComicBookBin.

6-Press Releases
Press releases started trending last month to my great surprise. I don’t get it. We try to avoid posting press releases at the Bin since I consider them pure advertising and poor quality material. But it seems that you think other wise… We could post a lot of press releases if we wanted. We get a ton everyday… Is this really what you want from us?

5-Why Is Daredevil Not on Blu-ray?
This once popular article is losing steam. Well, that’s relative. Let’s hope that Marvel and Disney will announce something before the new season is released.

This is the unofficial homepage at the Bin. Looking for something off the homepage, get it there.

3-Comic News
Comic News is the other unofficial homepage. It’s also the place to find about upcoming comics released every week by Diamond Comics.

2-The Top Comics of the 1990s
This article has been trending since its original publication in June 2006. Yeah, you read that properly. It’s almost 10 years old and as popular as ever…

1-Johnny Bullet Survey – The Value of Quantified Data in Comics
This article about my running a survey for my Johnny Bullet comic has been the star at the Bin this month. It’s cool. No matter how popular the article is, it has not encouraged more of you to fill the survey… But I have begun to see more publishers and creators release their own surveys. I’m as perplexed as ever…

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