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Zone-OO: Volume 1

By Leroy Douresseaux
August 24, 2009 - 14:01

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Fantasy; Rated “OT” for “Teen-Age 16+”

Kiyo OJO, the artist of the Trinity Blood manga (using the name Kiyo Kyujo), created his own manga, Zone-OO, a creature/monster index masquerading as a fantasy narrative.

Zone-OO, Vol. 1 introduces readers to a world where humans and demons coexist, but where both live under a fragile peace.  Into this volatile peace comes a mysterious drug known as “Zone-OO, which seems to be causing demons all over to lose control and revert to their violent ways or even to be turning humans into demons.

In the meantime, two high school students from very different backgrounds come together.  Ango Shima is an exorcist who specializes in demon control.  The Shima family is the highest authority among exorcists.  Saburo Kujo is a student who wants to be Ango’s pal, but he holds a secret inside his body so shocking that he may end up with few, if any friends.

THE LOWDOWN:  Because the narrative is practically an incomprehensible mess, Zone-OO is a chore to read.  The basic plot (the spread of the drug Zone-OO) is clear, but the myriad subplots and labyrinthine back story are in need of a forensic accountant to sort out the many concept and story threads.

As many visual elements and components as QJO crams into each panel, at least the compositions of each page is clear enough that the reader can visually make some sense of the narrative.  QJO loves beautiful bodies, especially the ripped male form, covered with intricate definition lines.  These male characters don’t look like body builders; they resemble such strapping and ripped actors such as Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds or muscle-fetish football star Terrell Owens.  The female characters are also eye candy – slutty and curvy.  Too bad this series is thus far more of a beefcake and T&A catalog than it is a manga, but it does have potential.

POSSIBLE AUDIENCE:  Fans looking for a visually potent creature fantasy will find it in Zone-OO, as long as they can tolerate the screwy storytelling.



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