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Top Trending Pages in August 2016

By Hervé St-Louis
September 13, 2016 - 11:13

The trending in August 2016 probably ended a period in ComicBookBin’s life and started a new one. For years, what I call category pages dominated. These are the pages to the main sections of the site. With over 24,000 articles, these pages are often the entry point for new and older readers. However, in August, this changed probably due to many external factors, such as changes in how our competition covers comics, and how you as a reader interact with us. Internally, we are producing more reviews than we have for years, and that is beginning to be seen in what you as a reader want us to cover. We hear you loud and clear. Let’s start.

12- Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #10
A later entry in August, this review of one of Valiant Comics’ main characters took the site by storm and should continue to do so in September 2016. I’m not sure why there is such an interest in the Eternal Warrior but I’m glad to see Valiant pull the same trick it did way back in the 1990s.

11-Detective Comics #938
This series seems to be the breakthrough DC Comics Rebirth series. Our review was late but it did not matter. Many of you wanted to see what was going on with the supporting crew of the Batman. Rest assured, we’ll be covering Detective Comics in the future!

10-Johnny Bullet no85
Johnny Bullet often trends in French but not like this month. Considering that the site is primarily in English, having a French language comic be so prominent is a feat. I cannot explain it though. Rest assured dear non-French speakers, you can also read this comic in English. As for my fellow French speakers – si vous voulez que l’on couvre plus de bandes dessinées en français, il faut nous le dire!

9-Johnny Bullet Mobile #43
Mobile Johnny Bullet is formatted for smaller screens and vertical in layout. It’s also several months behind the regular versions. But for many of you, this doesn’t matter! It’s the format that matters. I heard you, and in August, made significant changes to the interface to make it even more mobile-friendly.

8-Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #1
This comic by a new all-female team was long coming and hailed by many. I personally dislike that the Birds of Prey are made secondary to Batgirl but that’s DC Comics trying another marketing ploy and not letting the birds just fly on their own.

7-Johnny Bullet #84
The current Johnny Bullet story in Cross Roads has always been about a beauty pageant. Well, now’s the time to see the show! This strip also starts a series of important revelations for the storyline.

6-Johnny Bullet #86
This strip, I felt was a good way for people who had never read Johnny Bullet to start reading it today. Many of you agreed. There are many Easter eggs for comic strips fans. Check them out!

5-Ultraman Vol.5

This reboot of Ultraman is popular with both manga fans and fans of the old comics and television series. It also looks much sleeker!

4-Johnny Bullet #85
For me this strip was a defining moment about writing Johnny Bullet (hint, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I am the creator and the cartoonist who draws Johnny Bullet). I was afraid that the character would be perceived as a Pollyanna. After reading this strip, you should have a new appreciation of who Johnny Bullet really is.

3-Top Ten Comics of the 1990s
This article about the nostalgic 1990s has become a classic and still worth reading.

2-Comic News
Many of you seek more comic news. I hear y’all.

1-Star Wars Rebel Season 2
I was surprised to see my review of this series do so well. I’ve reviewed the first season too and it wasn’t as popular, I think. It’s a good series even if the animation is a bit cheap looking.

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