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Top Trending Pages in April 2016


By Hervé St-Louis
May 16, 2016 - 14:41

It was a busy month with the release of Batman versus Superman at the end of March. What you read this month varied and really surprised me. Some of the old ‘classics’ have lost a bit of their lustre and new relevant articles have popped out. Let’s take a look.

11-Johnny Bullet #68
I know that a few of you were wondering when the street racing was about to start again in Johnny Bullet! There had been a lot of stuff happening little action since the last drag race when Johnny was thrown in jail. Well, the racing starts here, again! Now I bet some of you are already complaining that there is way too much racing since!

10-RSS for Comics
I’m glad that this article performed so well. RSS has received a bad rap by major platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter who would like to replace its ubiquity with homemade alternatives that locks readers in the sandboxes. RSS is just the opposite. It helps information to be free on the reader’s terms. Moreover, using RSS with web comics is a plus for both creators and readers. But you’ll have to read the article it you want to find out more.

The homepage for anything comic-related at ComicBookBin.

8-Johnny Bullet #1

Every day, there are new readers of Johnny Bullet. I’m not complaining. I am completely obsessed with this comic, improving it, drawing it, adding more to it, if you had not noticed! I’m glad that other people are starting to discover it too! Thanks! But this page is where it all starts!

7-Viz Digital Anime for April 2016
I’m glad that fans of Viz Anime check us out for information on upcoming series. The Bin, thanks to Leroy Douresseau has comprehensive information about this.

6-Fan Films
Fan films continue to be popular at the Bin.

5-Daredevil on Blu-Ray

This request by fans of the Netflix series continues to be significant. I want a Blu-Ray of both seasons too. Streaming can be fun but a fan needs his DVDs and Blu-Rays.

4-Batman versus Superman

The movie did well even if much of the criticism was negative. The Bin’s review which I wrote was not as disparaging as others I’ve seen online.

3-Top Ten Comics of the 1990s
Well, by now, all of your top ten comics are back in some capacity or another! Still interesting to see where much of this stuff started.

2-Assassination Classroom #9
The popular Japanese series continues strong. Leroy Douresseau tells us why.

1-Action Figure Yellowing
This older article was back with a vengeance in April. The trick it showed on how to remove yellow stains from older action figures is as relevant as ever. Have you seen how many storm trooper toys they have released because of Star Wars?

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