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Spell of Desire: Volume 4 manga review

By Leroy Douresseaux
May 6, 2015 - 22:51

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Rated “M” for “Mature”

Kaoruko “Koko” Mochizuki, a young woman, runs the Moon Witch Herb Shop in a small seaside town in Japan.  One day, a mysterious man dressed in black walks into the herb shop and introduces himself as Kaname Hibiki.  He tells Kaoruko that she is actually the daughter of the Witch Queen and that he has arrived to help her control the awakening power within her.

As Spell of Desire, Vol. 4 (Chapters 16 to 20) opens, Kaoruko and Kaname remain in the headquarters of the Black Witches Coven.  Now, Kaoruko finds herself caught between the ambitions of two powerful Black Witches:  Sylvia, the current leader of the coven, and Isandra, one of the coven's top-ranking witches.

Isandra opposes giving the Witch Queen, Kaoruko's mother, too much power.  She offers to help Kaoruko better know her own powers, but the young woman wonders if Isandra really means to help her or herself.  Plus, Kaoruko notices a change in Kaname.

[This volume includes a bonus story.]

THE LOWDOWN:  One would not be necessarily mistaken to think of the Spell of Desire manga as a bodice-ripper.  Kaname's magic and Kaoruko's power come together to create a potent romance.  Sometimes, it seems as if the manga pulsates every time these two characters come together.  They can't get nekkid fast enough.

With the chapters that compose Spell of Desire Volume 4, creator Tomu Ohmi presents two witches, Sylvia and Isandra, who actually bring something to the narrative.  They are more than just cloaked figures moving through the story.  As much as I like Spell of Desire, I do want more involved supporting characters.  After all, that will make both the spell and the desire stronger...

POSSIBLE AUDIENCE:  Fans of Tomu Ohmi will want to fall under her Spell of Desire.

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