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Amanda Hades: Face Down
By Christopher Moshier
Aug 13, 2006 - 0:12

COMIC BOOK BIN (through Christopher Moshier): Can you tell us about "COSPLAY" and how that relates to the creation of Amanda Hades?  I had no idea what it was before I checked your site.  I LIKE IT!

SEAN ROURKE: Hah!  That's actually pretty funny.  Cosplay has very little to do with the show, but thematically, it goes hand-in-hand with what we're doing.  Jack Conway (Troubleshooter) was the one who introduced us to Cosplay in the first place.  From there, we just became fans (well, at least I did anyway...can't speak on behalf of my colleagues!)

For those who don't know, Cosplay is this thing that started in Japan where Anime fans would make costumes and dress up like their favorite characters to go to conventions. The trend caught on here (mostly with women, but there are some guys.) These girls are REALLY good costume designers, and if you're familiar with the characters, it's cool to see them come to life. You can get to some of the best one's through our links pages.

Season 0, Episode 1/2: Face Down

Click on the "Play" Icon to watch Amanda Hades: Face Down.

Amanda Hades Season 0:


Episode 1: Detonator Interface
Episode 2: A Chance Meeting
Episode 3: Hack Noir
Episode 4: Face Down

Amanda Hades Season 1:

Episode 1: The First Broadcast
Episode 2: Counter Measures
Episode 3: Information Games
Episode 4: The Jarvis Objective

Amanda Hades Season 2:

Episode 1: Remote Log-In
Episode 2: Over Exposed
Episode 3: Silence Falls
Episode 4: Black Out

Amanda Hades Extras

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