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Amanda Hades: Silence Falls
By Christopher Moshier
Aug 22, 2006 - 10:15

COMIC BOOK BIN (through Christopher Moshier): How do you get to film where you get to film?  Is it just as easy as asking?  To clarify, when you go on location how do you choose where you film and what process needs to be followed in order to grant the rights to film there?  How is it similar/different than an actual studio produced Television or Motion Picture Production?  EXAMPLE: If LETHAL WEAPON 17 wants to film at the Marriott, does the studio have to pay the hotel or does the hotel eat up the publicity?  These are the things that keep me up at night!

SEAN ROURKE: Yeah, me too.

Well, in the case of Lethal Weapon, yes...they pay to shoot there, but if Marriott wants their logo to appear in the film, then usually Marriott winds up paying Warner Bros a LOT more for the product placement.  We don't have Richard Donner producing our stuff, so we have to do what most other independent filmmakers have to do...not get caught.

Psyche.  No, we get permission from private owners and smaller businesses to shoot in their spaces.  In LA, everyone gets a piece of the money pie when a production walks in the door, but once they see that we're poor, they'll often times say "yeah, just sign these wavers saying you won't sue us if you get hurt."

It can get complicated.  Most places want you to at least have insurance, and that's more expensive than we can afford, so you may notice that we do a lot of our shooting in parking garages and people's homes.  Luckily, the subject matter lends itself to that.  Boy, we'd be in trouble if we were shooting a sword & sorcery show.

Of course, that's here in LA...ya know...MOVIE TOWN.  If we were shooting this thing in one of our hometowns in the Midwest, people would be a lot more lenient to let us film places.  So all you guys out there who wanna make a movie or web-show and don't live in've got that goin' for ya!  LOCATIONS!

Season 2, Episode 3: Silence Falls

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