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Amanda Hades: Over Exposed
By Christopher Moshier
Aug 20, 2006 - 10:43

COMIC BOOK BIN (through Christopher Moshier): Very Cool Music.  Please comment on the sound track.

SEAN ROURKE: A couple groups, actually.  The longest relationship we've had with a group has been PLEASURE UNIT.  They were providing us with music way back in the day, and they were instrumental (no pun intended) for setting the tone of the show.  We still get music from them, and I think you can buy their CDs off of their website.

We also had another friend of ours from College, Drew Anderson, do some music for us during the earlier episodes.  His stuff was nice and haunting...perfect for the mood of the first couple shows.  I don't think any of his stuff is available.

Our latest collaborator has been a group called DRAWBACK.  Drawback did most of the music you heard in Season ZERO.  Their mix of foreboding with fast-paced industrial was perfect to set the tone for our characters' origin episodes.  The lead singer for DRAWBACK is actually DJ Amanda Jones, who is something of a celebrity in the club scene here in LA.  She's super-cool.  I actually feel twice as cool when I hang out with her...which isn't very much (Sulks back to his corner).  The group is no longer together so I doubt you'll see their music available on CD through our site.

Season 2, Episode 2: Over Exposed

Click on the "Play" Icon to watch Amanda Hades: Over Exposed.

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