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Amanda Hades: Information Games
By Christopher Moshier
Aug 16, 2006 - 12:10

COMIC BOOK BIN (through Christopher Moshier): Let's talk about the angry chicks! Beautiful!  Talented!  Did I mention beautiful?  Can you provide us with some details on the actresses who play Amanda, Interface, and Stinger pertaining to Amanda Hades and then what they have coming up in their careers?  Would they be able to comment on their experience with Amanda Hades and what they are really excited about for the future?

SEAN ROURKE: We don't let them speak to the press.

Again, kidding. Kristen Meinhold, who plays Amanda, is an old friend of ours.  When we first started kicking around the idea for the show, I was like "I'll bet Kristen could pull it off!"  We scheduled a test shoot with her one night, and when she walked out in the make-up, dressed in black and holding the camera, we knew we had a show...she just looked that good. Her blend of tough-girl with a hint of insecurity has really fleshed-out the paradigm that Amanda is supposed to be.  Her character comes from a tough background (if you watch her Journals from Season Zero,) and she does a great job of portraying that girl who was brainwashed to be a killer, but has broken free to be a thinker.

Christina Rohling, who plays Stinger, is an absolute jewel.  She and I actually went to High school together, and she just happened to wind up out here in LA.  Christina is just as sweet and adorable in real-life as Stinger is on the show, and she's an absolute delight to work with. She's been acting since she was a child, and is one of those kids who was just gifted with stage presence.  You can't help but fall in love with her on screen.  (Oh, I'm so proud...)

Interface is played by Katie Winslow who we found at a casting call.  Also a delight to work with, she has this very ethereal quality that perfectly personifies the fact that Interface died before the present continuity.  When we got the first stills back, we were like, "oh God...she's perfect." Her beauty is very haunting when she gets into the character.  You really feel like you're watching a ghost.

Other favorites include Annie Kirbie, who plays Stinger's High school friend, Jenna.  She's always fun to have on set because she's real fast with the put-downs, and seems to be the only one who can keep Kyle in his place.

Mandy Fisher who was in the latest episode about Troubleshooter, plays a character named Tempest.  She was also extremely easy to work with, and once you see the episode you'll know why that's a big deal, considering what we had her doing.  Never once unprofessional, and always had a smile. We were a little hesitant at first to cast a swimsuit model in a part that had so much depth, but her reading was really good, and we were like, "why did we ever have a doubt?"

Anna Perilo who plays Stinger's other High School friend, Brittany, is someone I actually grew up with in the theater.  She's a fantastic actress, and the scene that she does with Troubleshooter at the end of the latest episode was giving us all shivers in rehearsal.

We also have a new girl who will be making her debut at ComicCon in San Diego this year.  Her name is Susan Smythe, and she's extraordinary. We can't wait to introduce you to her.  More than that, I cannot say, but you will understand soon enough.

All these women are professional actresses here in LA at varying degrees of their careers.  Most of them are just starting, but with their talent, we're happy for each episode we finish before we get that dreaded call, "Hey guys, I just got cast on a new WB show! Sorry my weekends are kinda booked from now on!"  Yeah, we know we only have these people until their first big break.

Season 1, Episode 3: Information Games

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