DC Comics
Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape # 3 (of 6)
By Koppy McFad
July 26, 2009 - 02:15

DC Comics
Writer(s): Ivan Brandon
Penciller(s): Marco Rudy, Mick Gray
Cover Artist(s): Scott Hampton
$2.99 US 32 pages


Nemesis, the master of disguise, is trapped in a mysterious place called "the Electric City" where faceless men are manipulating him and other espionage types.

At least that is what appears to be happening on the surface. Things get so strange in this story that it is hard to be sure what is real and what is an illusion. Blackhawk and a few characters appear to have popped up from nowhere while DC detective Cameron Chase is used in a bizarre form of 'spin-the-wheel" to determine her fate.

It is shocking to see strong figures like Chase and Spy-Smasher reduced to weeping and begging. But we are given too little to go on in this comic book, to know what their situation is. We are not even sure why these characters are being held in this "Prisoner" type situation. When Amanda Waller finally pulls herself together and calls for a jailbreak, it comes as a relief because for once, we have a character who is not fearful and confused. Unfortunately, even after the attempted jailbreak, we still don't find out what is happening.

The art, like the story, just gives us the bare details and does not let us know anything about the events that are happening in the background. While there is a good deal of menace and suspense in this story, it is also too hard to follow. We don't even know if the events of the story will turn out to have actually happened. It may turn out to be all a dream.

Okay, it is only the middle of the story but by now, these stories should be making more sense. The lead characters aren't popular enough to sustain the narrative.  Heck, we don't even know if they are suppose to be in danger or not. Maybe if this story featured major characters like Black Canary and Green Arrow, it would be more compelling. Right now,  the events in the story seen unimportant because they are happening to minor characters.

Rating: 6.5/10

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