DC Comics
Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance # 2 (of 6)
By Koppy McFad
June 27, 2009 - 22:14

DC Comics
Writer(s): Joe Casey
Penciller(s): Andre Coelho, Eduardo Pansica
Inker(s): Andre Coelho,, Sandro Ribeiro
Colourist(s): Pete Pantazis
Letterer(s): Sal Cipriano
Cover Artist(s): Stanley Lau
$2.99 US 32 pages


   Japan's team of youthful wannabe superheroes actually try to do something heroic this time--even if this is limited to going up against some half-forgotten Metamorpho villain. Meanwhile, unknown to them, the evil corporation that is manipulating them is carrying out its own dastardly scheme... something that involves sealing off the city of Tokyo.

   This issue suffers from the same problems as the first installment of this mini-series: too much flash and not enough reason for to care about the protagonists. While these young heroes do have potential, we are given too little information to care about them. This being the second issue, you think they would try a recap or even just a single panel which gives us the names of these super youngsters and what their abilities.

   Instead we are thrown into the deep end and expected to swim. This is the same thing that happened with the ill-fated INFINITY INC. series, which this miniseries resembles, at least thematically. DC Comics expects us to like these characters but their previous appearances don't give us sufficient reason to do so yet.

   The villains' plot is a bit hard to swallow too, even for comic books: the Super Young Team's antics are suppose to distract the world to keep anyone from noticing that Tokyo has been forcibly isolated. Are we suppose to believe that the world is that shallow? This sounds like a plot from a satire of 'TMZ' or 'Entertainment Tonight' rather than a serious adventure tale.

   There are redeeming aspects to this book. Although we still don't know too much of these characters, they still have a chance to win us over. They are likeable but flawed individuals rather than unsympathetic anti-heroes. The atmosphere of the club scene depicted in this book is quite effective.

   The art also plays a major role in the book. It makes all the characters look lively and interesting, even the marginal background characters. It also captures the flashing lights and frenetic pace of the media world although sometimes, the pacing and lay-outs can be a big confusing. The covers are rather vague and hard to understand and don't help in making the book more enticing.

   This book has an uphill battle ahead of it to find fans and should not make it harder for them. I suspect that if this book were a Marvel Comics production and was tied, however loosely to the X-MEN franchise, it would be an outright success.


Rating: 5/10

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