DC Comics
Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds # 5 (of 5)
By Koppy McFad
July 26, 2009 - 01:38

DC Comics
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Penciller(s): George Perez
Inker(s): Scott Koblish
Colourist(s): Hi-Fi
Letterer(s): Nick Napolitano
Cover Artist(s): George Perez/Nei Ruffino
$3.99 US 32 pages


Finally, it is here. This book should have come out before the end of FINAL CRISIS. Instead, it is issued months after the crisis is over.

The ending is pretty much what we would expect: a gigantic battle between Superman and the Legion members against Superboy-Prime and his gigantic army of supervillains. We have learned that the future version of -Prime has actually become the Time Trapper and that he has somehow set this entire battle in motion.  So the Legion actually has to defeat this guy-- twice.

They do pull it off, but not without a few plot twists that seem designed to have George Perez draw even more and more characters on a double-page spread. Frankly, it is Perez's work that carries this book. The fight scenes, the introductions of new characters, the sudden transformation of an old character-- these things would not be half as exciting if they were not drawn in Perez's detailed, yet highly kinetic style.

Superman is virtually relegated to being a supporting character in this book with the newly revived Superboy (Kon-El) and Kid Flash (Bart) actually getting more attention. A huge amount of space is devoted to setting up a new Legion of Superheroes feature and even a new Legion spin-off (the New Wanderers?) that we don't really get to see enough of Superman. We don't even get to see an tie-in to FINAL CRISIS (even though the Legion's miracle machine was a crucial part of that story). Maybe DC Comics was too busy focusing on the future and not on some miniseries that came out almost half a year ago to care about these loose ends

The ending is hilarious and pokes fun at the self-important comicbook nerds on the Internet. The conclusion could come off as a bit mean-spirited but considering the bitterness and anger that dominate the DC Comics message boards, it seems almost fitting.

There is nothing particularly deep or meaningful about this story. It isn't very moving or inspiring but it is a fun ride. Sadly, it comes out after months of delays which diminished its impact.  Even Superboy-Prime seems disgusted with the delays. He isn't completely stupid after all.

Rating: 7.5/10

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