Marvel Comics
Dark Avengers #14
By Hervé St-Louis
March 3, 2010 - 21:36

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller(s): Mike Deodato
Inker(s): Mike Deodato
Colourist(s): Rain Beredo
Letterer(s): Cory Petit
Cover Artist(s): Mike Deodato, Rain Beredo
$3.99 US

The Sentry goes berserk assuming his dark side and only Norman Osborne is capable of taming him. Yet, any result  must be temporary as the Sentry is now self aware. That can’t really be good for anyone. I really like this issue which shows that Osborn is more than a crazy lunatic. As crazy as he is, he knows how to control people crazier than he is. His argument for stopping the Void was credible and showed that he did not reach his current position only through guile. He has merit. This series is the one where Bendis has been putting all his efforts and it will be sad to see it go away. It’s just too enjoyable. Deodato has grown as an artist and converted me into one of his fans in the space of a year. I used to hate his work. Now, I feel he defines the entire Norman Osborn and Dark Reign era.

Rating: 10/10

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