DC Comics
Bane Conquest #3
By Paul Mason
Jul 7, 2017 - 10:28

DC Comics
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artist(s): Graham Nolan
Colourist(s): Gregory Wright
Letterer(s): Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Artist(s): Graham Nolan, Gregory Wright

I skipped part 2 full disclosure. But reviewing this comic I felt justified missing part of the story. The first part was so confusing is it really relevant I am reviewing the sword part 3 without reading part 2. Maybe/maybe not.

In some ways creative thievery is refreshing and welcome in the creative arts, after all without it there would be no Deadpool. However before I digress too badly and stumble down a rabbit hole where I can’t find the exit I’ll state my point. Marvel had Limited success with a venom series, and larger success with the Punisher. So its natural DC would take a page out of their playbook and publish a series starring Bane. The difficulty is Bane is not that interesting a character. He is a good Batman rogue, but only because the majority of batman roques are Not three dimensional characters. And speaking of the dark knight he makes an appearance here(obvious sales booster?)

My apologies you want a review and I spent most of it in a rant.

Sorry again my synopsis is bare bones, bane collaborates(For Now) with Batman to take down Damocles( and how sad when big band’s name is coolest part of comic).

Nolans art hasn’t evolved much past his late eighties early nineties style so if you were a fan then you probably are still a fan. It is suitable for the title.

Rating: 4/10

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