DC Comics
Bane Conquest #1
By Paul Mason
May 6, 2017 - 12:05

DC Comics
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artist(s): Graham Nolan
Colourist(s): Gregory Wright
Letterer(s): Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Artist(s): Kelley Jones, Michelle Madsen; Graham Nolan, Gregory Wright


Only the first issue and already I’m lost. This title doesn’t seem to pick up from the latest appearance of Bane from Detective comics, but then what do I know, certainly not what is going on in this issue.

The action starts with interloper coming into Gotham Harbour,  Bane takes of fence to this so attacks the criminals Co, ingredients into the city and this is my main source of confusion; after two reads of this premiere issue I am still unsure about Bane’s motivations. In part it seems Bane views himself as the “kingpin”, pardon me and doesn’t want intruders taking what is his. However far as I know Gotham is Batman’s so this kind of confused me. So in a sense reading the first half is like reading a Kingpin solo comic. Forgive me for namedropping he from the other company again but it’s closest comparison I can think of, after a  it more violence Bane has his henchman grab an informant who tells Bane where the guns are coming from and Bane heads there.


After a second read the plot and characterization became clearer, but I don’t enjoy a comic hurting my head upon first read trying to figure out what’s going on.

The art is adequate reminiscent of Bane from his earlier appearances in the Batman comics from the early nineties. So although some panels were really well done overall it didn’t pop.

Rating: 5/10

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