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The Top Ten Trending Articles at ComicBookBin for July 2015


By Hervé St-Louis
August 1, 2015 - 11:39

I’ve begun making these statistics public a few months ago because I find them very interesting. On the regular homepage of the Bin, I usually skip articles that are already featured there – they already get much more exposure by being on the home page and skew the results. I also omit what  call service pages, like the About, the search engine or our privacy policy. While not anywhere in the top ten, our privacy policy is read by many of you! Nevertheless, some articles at the Bin are consistently popular and have appeared for years. Some are more recent but have become very popular too in their short span. I’ll cheat a bit and include the twelve most popular pages at ComicBookBin instead of just ten. Let’s take a look.

12-European Comics

The main European page is the hub for all our related European comics articles. I’ve decided to add a short history of European comics in that page as it differs from American comics and Japanese manga. The articles in this section are unique for the English language as I and others before me reviewed comics (or bandes dessinées) which often are not available in English. Many of those reviewed, however, have been translated and can be read in English. Last month, I did add a few articles and I have more comics to review for this section. I was in Paris in late May/early June so of course, I stocked up on cool European comics!

11-Johnny Bullet (in English)

As the creator of Johnny Bullet, I’m always happy to see the main page of the strip doing so well. Johnny Bullet has really become one of the mainstays at ComicBookBin. It’s a lot of work for me. I publish this site, manage it and on top of it, I draw one of its regular Web comics. If you haven’t checked out Johnny Bullet, this is of course, the main home page for Johnny Bullet in English. We also have an equivalent French-language home page which has the exact same contents, but in French. If you’re feeling adventurous, you may want to check this page too! The main Johnny Bullet page contains an archive of all the strips published to date as well as links to reviews and related articles mentioning Johnny Bullet on the Web. Finally, it contains a few fan art created by viewers like you!

10-Nisekoi: False Love Volume 10

We never know what will resonate with visitors. Nisekoi Volume 10 apparently did! Check out what reviewer Leroy Douresseau had to say about this series. I would say something, but I didn’t review this manga!

9-Stephen Amell as Johnny Bullet?

This one was a surprise for me too. I drew this page quickly to serve as filler as I was late on a Johnny Bullet page. The next day, I posted the strip. Yet, this page has continually trended in July. A friend suggested that Arrow’s Stephen Amell would be the perfect actor to play Johnny Bullet in a live action film.

8-Johnny Bullet #33 (English)

More Johnny Bullet! I swear that I am not skewing these numbers to favour my comic. It’s just is. Johnny Bullet seems to be very popular at ComicBookBin and this episode introducing a few new characters was equally popular. I know that I really enjoyed drawing it!

7-Love Stage!! Volume 1

Leroy Douresseau used to review many more yaoi here at ComicBookBin but he has been receiving less review copies lately. Well, this new yaoi review did not go unnoticed. It arrived at the end of the month and still shot its way up to a comfortable place in your eyes.

6-Johnny Bullet #32 (English)

Johnny Bullet – again! Who’s complaining? I’m not! For a page that was two days late, it sure managed to make up for it. This page was pure Johnny Bullet drag racing! That’s what Johnny Bullet is about!

5-Are Yaoi Manga The Future of Gay Comics?

This article has trended at ComicBookBin for years. I mean it. I wrote it back in 2008 and it has remained one of the most read articles on the site since. It started quite low in July but quickly took it’s place back in the top listings. Some of it was controversial at the time. Problems with our aging commenting system prevents us from posting all the comments and debates it generated. But, I do have a back up database of all old comments from our previous commenting plug in and one day, will figure out how to feature them again on the site.

4-Fan Films

Fan Films has always been one of the favoured spots at the Bin. Up until 2009, it was curated by Christopher Moshier. I wish someone else would attempt to curate it as well as he did and run with it. It is one of the easiest way for a new writer to be known as it is one of the top destination at ComicBookBin, despite the lack of frequent updates. Imagine if you were updating this section regularly… If you want to curate and write for our Fan Films section send me a note at

3-The ten most important comic books of the 1990s

This is a guest article written by Andy Smith way back in 2006. To this day it is consistently one of the most viewed page at ComicBookBin. It’s nuts! I and the staff wrote a newer version about the top 10 comics from the 2000s which never really took off although inspired by this one. You can't mess with perfection!


This page is a puzzle for me as it’s not directly linked on our homepage and yet consistently is the either the first or second most visited page, after the home page itself! Articles at the Bin are classified by sections. Of course, our comics section is the widest. Any article related to comics is listed there. I suspect that as new articles move away from the homepage, that the Comics page becomes the best way to find recent articles at a glance. I’ve recently updated the article in that page with a discussion on comics theory!

1-Why Daredevil Is Not on Blu-Ray?

Netflix Daredevil is an event that I would argue is more important than the Ant-Man movie or the second Avengers’s movie. But what really annoys people is the lack of a Blu-Ray for this series, several months after its initial release on Netflix. Hey Marvel, you’re sitting on an important cash cow by not releasing this film on DVD/Blu-Ray. Hollywood claims that piracy is killing the movie industry. Yet, the most popular page at ComicBookBin, for several months indicates that viewers want to buy DVDs and Blu-Rays of their favourite films, provided producers make it easy for them to be accessible.  Marvel is clearly not listening to the demands of its fans.

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