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Hawkgirl #53

By Hervé St-Louis
July 4, 2006 - 13:40

A villainess working for a mysterious mastermind is on a rampage in St.Roch. She has to snap people's neck to extract their life force. Although Hawkgirl is on the spot to stop her, her reincarnated life may prove too tempting for the villainess. Is Hawkgirl's life in danger?

Unfortunately, this will be my last issue of Hawkgirl. I really like the character, but Simonson and Chaykin don’t do decompressed comic books very well. This the first issue Simonson has written where something really happens. It’s a little too late as he wasted four others on hinting at a threat. Frankly, the hidden villains in the past issues don’t even look like they are the same in this issue. This story starts fresh as if nothing happened before. Well, nothing did, but all the plot and subplots of the past make way for a new storyline where a mainstay from the early issues of this Hawkman series bites the dust.

I really don’t understand why DC is playing Russian roulette with this series. After Geoff Johns left, they put a team of hacks who made Hawkman’s continuity even more weird than it was for no reason. At the same time, the guys could not even go on to another epic as they were caught in the Infinite Crisis mess and had to send the Hawks to Thanagar to fight next to Adam Strange. Frankly, if I wanted to read about Adam Strange, I would have picked up his mini-series.

Next they put Simonson who everybody remembers for an epic storyline involving Thor, at Marvel. Just to show that they are still in the game, Simonson and Chaykin gave readers a made for trade paper back series. However when these issues are collected, readers will find themselves asking if what they read really mattered.

I love Hawkgirl. She’s one of my favourite characters. Yet the little touches that Simonson includes here and there are not enough to get me to support this book any longer. Many comic book fans said this book would fail once Hawkman was out of the picture. Instead of proving them wrong, DC Comics gives them all the fodder they need to entice those who still hope for something brilliant to happen to leave the ship.

Chaykin is not even trying to do the character justice. Hawkgirl is a babe for God sake. Here she looks pudgy and fat. That villainess looks even more ludicrous as she is built like a man yet wear those little bras to cover her boobs. She’s so manly, no one would have cared a second if they had drawn her nipples. Really, if you were a seven foot giantess with the body of a football player, would you even bother to cover your boobs? Just to keep fans reading, Chaykin shows us the nice lingerie that Hawkgirl wears to fight crime. Perhaps he never heard that female soldiers have bras designed for action. Who the hell cares, right. Let’s just put some bras on the women built like Miss Muscle USA and put fine lingerie of the fat girl.

Rating: 4 /10

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