ComicBookBin Lives in Toronto Now!

By Hervé St-Louis
June 26, 2012 - 17:43

You've probably noticed a lack of updates in June and if you sent us emails and news, lack of responses. That usually happens when I go AWOL. I moved in late May from Calgary to Toronto, but it took me a while to get my mojo back and being able to focus on ComicBookBin again. Shit like that happens.

ComicBookBin is a lot of work, and even small updates can take much more energy than the actual act of updating the site can. I took this opportunity, being a new town to just let go of my duties for a while. I still continued to post articles, but definitely not at the same rate. I won't apologize because the months preceding that, I was deeply involved at ComicBookBin like I haven't been in a while.

But I'm the captain here and I've long understood that my energy is needed to sustain the site, even when the other writers and editors are pushing out tons of articles. It just isn't ComicBookBin if my mind is away. Trust me, it's true.

Web sites like other large endeavours have souls of their own. As much as I like to say that we're a team and that the Bin's writers and editors contribute so much, the Bin has this voice and no matter how many times I've tried to ditch that voice, if I'm not the captain, the Bin will die.

I took breaks in the past and every single times I was away, even tons of articles were being published, the Bin just wasn't the Bin and we had numbers to prove it. It feels weird to say such a thing. The Bin is a collaborative project. I barely contribute a few articles at most. Some writers here write more than I do. But I'm always in the background working on something like our apps. Well, most of this month, I didn't do much ComicBookBin work at all. and I could start seeing cracks and errors not being fixed. You saw it too because our numbers went down.

But I'm back. I was just gone for a short time, leaning about my new town. The Bin was created way back in 2002 in Montreal until 2006. Then we were in Calgary where we spent the second half of our lives. I'm the only guy who actually lived in Montreal and Calgary, but as I wrote above, where I'm the captain and it,s part of my soul that lives through the Bin. So the Bin was Calgary-based from the end of 2006 to May 2012.

But now we're in Toronto, the center of the universe, according to most Canadians outside of Toronto. Trust me, it is the center of the universe. Comic-wise, it really is the center. There are more original projects and creators here than any other place in Canada and that includes beautiful Montreal my home town. I,ve already met some of the locals, but haven't done much networking yet. I wish to do that. It's the first time the Bin will be in one of the major nerve centers of the comic boom world. I intend to take advantage of that. I don't know what the future holds, but I expect to be in Toronto for many years, at least another five! By then the Bin will be 15 years old.

I'm so happy about celebrating our 10th anniversary in Toronto. It's going to be crazy. I mean, I live in a town where Jim Zub, Chester Brown and Stuart Immonen create comics on a daily basis. If that's not wicked, noting else is.

P.S. If you find a green and black Rocky Mountain road bike, let me know. Mine was stolen on week three of being in Toronto. I guess I'm a real Torontonian now.

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