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Young Justice Season 2 Episode 19 – Super Plot Twists

By Hervé St-Louis
March 9, 2013 - 15:05

The Light and The Reach have a summit to discuss their respective progress and failure concerning their invasion of Earth. But tension mounts quickly and members of the Light start fighting The Reach. Aqualad stops the factions from fighting but Ra's al Ghul discovers that Tigress is really Artemis who’s not dead after all. Before Black Beetle can do anything, Deathstroke the Terminator kills the Justice League double agents. What else can go wrong?

This was the best episode of the entire season, even if the female Reach scientist was annoying as usual! Let’s start. The summit between the villains was suspenseful and although I knew there would be a fight, expecting it was unbearable. The Light clearly told The Reach that they were responsible for all of their own failures with the children of the Justice League. I like the part where Ra's al Ghul figured out that Tigress was sporting a magical charm. I like the tension within The Reach itself and how it played out completely later in the episode.

Aqualad is really the hero of this series and the natural leader in most scenes. He clearly led the voices of the Light. His conflict with his own father exploded later in the episode. They fought one another and Black Manta was really shocked at his son’s behaviour after having protected him from other members of the Light and The Reach several times. If there is a third season, I’m not sure if there will be a resolution to Black Manta and Aqualad’s conflict. Vandal Savage said it best. No human has sabotaged his plans in 50,000 years so easily as Aqualad has.

There was even more tension when the rest of the young Justice League showed up. Almost all of the entire team was present to fight the bad guys. Red Arrow was missing, unfortunately. In the midst of the three-way fight between the Light, The Reach and the heroes, Ra's al Ghul was murdered again while several heroes came out of their secret cover. It was a bit anti-climatic that the one character known to resurrect constantly was the one murdered by Black Beetle.

The episode ended in a cliff hanger with Black Beetle taking over The Reach and promising to blow up the planet. Meanwhile, Vandal Savage easily defeated the Justice League members protecting the War World’s chamber and sent them back to the Justice League satellite. I didn’t like that very much. Next week’s episode is the last and presents the resolution with the accused Justice League members’ trial on Rimbor. This will be great.

Rating: 9.5 /10

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