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Young Justice Season Two Episode 18 – A Scooby Doo Moment

By Hervé St-Louis
March 2, 2013 - 23:22

Young Justice kidnaps Blue Beetle with the intent of cleaning him of The Reach’s control. But Blue Beetle who takes a liking to being Earth’s newer and popular super hero will not go down. How can the teen super hero stop a Reach-powered opponent? In other news, Miss Martian breaks up with Lagoon Boy. Will she try to rekindle her failed relationship with Superboy?

This episode was fun because we saw things from The Reach, the Scarab and Jaime’s perspective. We also saw that The Reach Ambassador was completely out of touch and was used to making vapid comments. I liked seeing how a few Justice Leaguers were guarding the crystal’s chamber and rotating although it’s is a bit confusing how The Reach is standing just outside of the chamber next to the super heroes. The situation about many different factions occupying the Warworld is weird.

I liked how the kids worked as a team to capture Blue Beetle even if it’s implied that he’s very powerful in the story. At the same time, Zatanna was pretty powerful in this episode too. I like that there finally was an answer about what happened to the previous Blue Beetle – Ted Kord. It was implied that he had been assassinated by Sportsmaster and Deathstroke. This is a great revelation.

This episode we see a few characters we haven’t seen in action for a while. It seemed like Batgirl was in command of this team. She was actually quite effective. What I really liked this week was how I had no clue what the Justice League was up to when they took Blue Beetle to Bialya. Beast Boy also showed up and fought both Blue and Green Beetle.

Another thing that I liked was how there was so much discord within The Reach with the warriors such as Black Beetle and the female scientist kept challenging the Ambassador’s judgment. Some of the things which I found odd was the size relationship between the characters. It seems that Zatanna is a giant next to Impulse. Another thing which I found interesting was how Green Martians look exactly like White ones except for their colours. They are as gross!

Now, how the team figured out how to cleanse Blue and Green Beetles felt like the explanation piece in a Scooby Doo episode where the kids explain how they figured out how to solve the mystery. It seems that because there are so few episodes left, that this part was necessary to wrap up the story. Now the biggest plots that need to be resolved is how the Justice League will clear itself of the trial they face on a distant planet and to get rid of The Reach once and for all. Oh, and there is also the continuing machinations of the Light. They are up to no good as usual and they seem to be winning. That’s the most dreadful part of this series, seeing them winning against the heroes, knowing that only two episodes of this magnificent series are left.

Rating: 8.5 /10

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