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Young Justice Season Two Episode 20

By Hervé St-Louis
March 16, 2013 - 19:31

Miss Martian and Superboy bring evidence to absolve the Justice League of the crime they were accused of on planet Rimbor. Elsewhere, Aqualad, Blue and Green Beetle stop Black Beetle but it is it too late for them to stop the alien villain’s plan to destroy planet Earth. While the Justice League rescues the world from the Reach’s doomsday devices, one of them will make the ultimate sacrifice and die.

This series ended the same way it started with a cliff-hanger setting the stage for a possible season three of Young Justice with the apparent death of Wally West and the introduction of Darkseid as the secret ally of the Light and Vandal Savage. This issue, most of the members of the Justice League and Young Justice make an appearance while they attempt to disable the Reach’s weapons of destruction.

As usual, Lex Luthor saves the day by providing the super heroes with the virus that will disable the Reach’s weapons. This series wrapped up most of the plot points from the past season, except the one involving Wally West losing his powers and then dying of course. If there were a third season, Nightwing would be on a journey of self discovery, as I suggested a few reviews ago. This would allow Batgirl to shine.

As it was 22 minutes, the episode wrapped up quite well. Lagoon Boy and the Reach female scientist were as annoying as usual but we saw some great team work from the few heroes whose mission was shown. I’m a bit disappointed that the Justice Leaguers stranded on Rimbor didn’t have much opportunity to save the world. I am happy however, that Black Lightning and Static Shock will be a team.

I was expecting Flash to die this issue with the last minute save the day plot but it turns out that it’s Wally who was the slowest speedster who would die. I really like how Lex Luthor was calling the shots even if all of the Justice Leaguers, including fairly smart members like the Atom didn’t know what to do to stop the Reach’s menace.

The plot where Lex Luthor has become the new secretary general of the UN is similar to how Norman Osborne became the top commander of S.H.I.E.L.D. after Marvel Comics’ Secret Invasion. One good thing, the League has a new leader with Black Canary. This episode left the door wide open for a season three or a few direct to home releases of Young Justice. Let’s hope Warner Animation and Cartoon Network take the opportunity to continue this series.

Rating: 9.5 /10

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