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Young Justice Season 2 Episode 5 – New Super Friends?

By Hervé St-Louis
May 31, 2012 - 18:50

The latest Young Justice episode introduces a new storyline with abducted kids which reminds me of a similar plot in the old Justice League cartoon a decade ago. Will history repeat itself?

This is the first episode where we see all the female members of the team working together. As her experience dictates, Miss Martian was the squad leader and showing quite a lot of maturity. Wonder Girl is much younger than I thought and continues to show a lot of keenest but too much immaturity. She has a lot of growth to do and though she is very powerful, she is not as effective on the battlefront as the others. I found Batgirl boring. Just like all the Batkids, she’s competent and trained, but there’s nothing to her yet. She’s just a mask. I hope that changes. Bumblebee was cool although not much was done to show her real personality.

There was a related subplot with Jaime – Blue Beetle checking up on a friend who’s been kidnapped. That’s where the story gets interesting. This is definitely a set up for the Jaime’s friend to be given the powers of the Apache Chief. He’s wearing the same costume and headband the original did. In the Justice League Unlimited series from the last decade, the television-created characters of the original Super Friends cartoon series had been re-imagined as opponents of the Justice League. I have a feeling the same old plot will be reused here with the runaway kids theme. I expect to see a new set of Wonder Twins, El Dorado, Samurai, Vulcan and of course the Apache Chief. If the team at Warner Animation does this, they would pay homage to an homage. That would be very cool.

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