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Trinity # 4

By Koppy McFad
June 27, 2008 - 22:44


The latest issue of DC Comic's new weekly series, "TRINITY" has Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman fighting a purple powerhouse called "Konvikt" with the rest of the Justice League pitching in on the sidelines.

   Although the DC Comics 'trinity' of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are suppose to be the focus of this story, it soon becomes obvious that this book is really a chance for the creative team-- Busiek, Bagley et. al.-- to play with the whole DC universe. So we get the League and little-known characters like Morgan Le Fey, Kanjar Ro and Gangbuster playing a role-- even if we aren't clear what that role is.

   This issue has a nice, violent punch-up and gives us a look at how the DC heroes work together. Frankly, we are getting to see more of the JLA in action in this title than we get in the pages of the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.

   There is also a back-up story in this book, namely the adventures of a non-costumed, female fortune-teller named Tarot. Unlike other comicbook characters called 'Tarot', this one has normal sized breasts and is trying to live a normal life. Except the cards are telling her that she has a crucial role to play in the universe and now a gang of supervillains is after her.

   The art in this issue is serviceable. Nothing extraordinary but the story is told well, all the characters look good and the action scenes are powerful without resorting to gigantic splash pages all the time.

   The pacing of the stories could use a little work. Maybe the editors think that since this is a weekly comic, they don't have to rush the story. Well, they shouldn't prolong it either. For example, the Tarot story is full of mysteries that seem thrown together. The lead character is pleasant enough but she also seems a little dull-- and no, not because she has normal-sized breasts. The villain in the main story also seems like a rehash-- another oversized, super-strong monster. What do we call him? Purple Hulk? Doomsday ver. 2? Even his name, "Konvikt" seems swiped from another superstrong monster called "Subjekt-17" who faced Superman in the pages of his own book back in 2006-- in a story written by the writer of TRINITY. Again, they are substituting "K"s for "C"s. I don't want to komplain but Curt Busiec kan do better. 

Rating: 6 /10

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