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Trinity # 9

By Koppy McFad
August 5, 2008 - 03:44


The DC Trinity-- Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman-- discover that a series of bizarre robberies may be linked to an interdimensional threat. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure named Swashbuckler has appeared, adding a new wrinkle to an already complicated mystery involving about half the characters in the DC universe.

Although this book stars the big three, numerous other DC characters make guest appearances-- or in some cases, actually play a more active role in the story than the three protagonists. Nightwing is practically the real star of this issue, even if he does end up getting beaten by this new Swashbuckler.

What is surprising is how many more characters are being brought in. As if this book wasn't crowded enough already, this issue has a guest shot by the Joker and warns of the imminent appearance of ....


the Crime Syndicate of Amerika, with Ultraman, Superwoman and Owlman likely to face their heroic counterparts in coming issues.

Maybe this series will be a lot easier to read once it is collected in a trade paperback but right now, its cast is getting too big, too fast. Perhaps if this comic was something like "52" in the sense that it featured a diverse group of DC characters scattered all over the place-- this kind of approach would work. But since this is "TRINITY"-- starring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, then these three characters always have to play a central role in each issue-- even if they just spend the book asking questions and taking notes. Sometimes, their presence in an issue can seem almost obligatory-- and can just take up space.

Despite these concerns, it is actually quite gratifying to read a comic story that can actually surprise longtime comicbook fans. Nowadays, most of us can see what is coming a mile (or two months) away. So it is fun to be pleasantly surprised every now and then-- provided of course that the 'twist' in the story eventually makes sense.

The new character of Swashbuckler is also quite interesting: he is a villain who is dangerous, competent and threatening-- but is also quite light-hearted and fun-loving-- without being a drooling maniac. Quite a change from the deadly serious villains we have been getting in recent years.

The art is a bit too heavy for such a fast-moving, action-packed issue. But all in all, it captures the excitement of the story although some of the layouts get a bit sloppy in the last pages. Maybe the weekly deadlines are catching up to the art team. They certainly had enough artists working on this issue already.





Rating: 7 /10

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